Hi this is Virginia Personal Injury Ben Glass,
and just recently in out news, the big news on the beltway was a guy stole an ambulance,
went on a rampage, damaged about ten cars, hurt a lady who was pregnant and unfortunately
killed a 77 year old man. And the question will be “Are there claims arising out of this?”
Well, probably not a claim against the paramedics or the owners of the ambulance. The insurance
policy that insures the ambulance probably won’t have a coverage here because the guy
who stole the ambulance was an unauthorized driver. If your car gets stolen, the guy who
drives your car doesn’t get the benefit of your insurance policy. However, the folks
whose cars were damaged are not without remedy. The folks who were hurt, the folks who were
unfortunately killed also may not be without remedy here. They’ll be looking to their own
automobile insurance policies, typically under the uninsured motorist provision of the policy.
That is, the guy who was driving the ambulance, because he was an unauthorized driver, is
an uninsured driver. So here’s the big teaching lesson: all of us should have high amounts
of uninsured motorist coverage. This is the cheapest version of car insurance that you
can buy. Typically we recommend people have at least $500,000 if not a million dollars
in coverage, and typically when they increase their policy they’ll call us and say, “Hey,
Ben, it only cost me another hundred dollars a year or a hundred and fifty dollars a year.
It’s amazing. It is the uninsured motorist portion of each person’s individual policy,
car insurance policy, that will provide the coverage in a case where someone steals a
vehicle or let’s say a kid, an underage driver who’s not authorized by his parents to drive
the car, takes it and takes it on a joy ride. That’s where you’ll turn the way to protect
yourself: is to have high uninsured motorist limits. I’m Virginia Personal Injury Attorney
Ben Glass.