hello everyone Fiona the fire truck’s at the garage today she’s having her
yearly checkup yes blue there is a lot to do it’s going to take all day hmm if Fiona is here all day what’s
going to happen if she’s called to an emergency what’s that red you’ve got a
friend you’d like to volunteer for firefighting duty brilliant where is
this new friend of yours I’m really excited about meeting this shiny new fire truck I wonder when she’s
going to get here oh she’s here already hello you must be Maggie Maggie the mini fire truck hehehe I’m sorry I was
expecting someone a little bigger okay I’m sorry I’m sorry Maggie it was
mean of me to laugh at you because of your size thanks for offering to help
today a fire at the farm you’d better get
going good luck everyone hello Maggie hello red hello blue you look worn out after such a busy day on
firefighting duty what’s a fantastic job you’ve done covering for Fiona even
though you’re tiny you were a massive help today now Fiona’s as good as new she can’t
wait to get back to work and Maggie’s going to make a fantastic addition to
the firefighting crew you’d best get going see you both again soon I hope you
enjoyed meeting our new friend Maggie today she showed me that even the
smallest people to make the biggest difference for now it’s cheerio from
gecko Byeeeeee