– What’s going on guys? Fuller here from Custom
Offsets, Custom Offsets TV on YouTube, another
episode of “This or That”, except for some reason we
have three people up here so it’s actually This,
That, and the Other Thing. – Whoa! – Sorry. – Hey, all right! Glad I sat on your left. – Keaton, let’s go ahead and jump into it. – [Keaton] 15 thousand dollars to modify a 30 thousand dollar truck, or 30 thousand dollars to modify a 15 thousand dollar truck? – Well, that’s easy. 30 thousands on a 15. – Absolutely not.
– Really? No. – You buy the dependable vehicle and you put 15 grand into it. – [Fuller] Yeah, I would spend
30 grand on a truck because for 15 thousand you can
do a pretty good build. – [Shawn] Yes – [Fuller] I mean, that’s
like, pretty much any wheel starters and
suspension that you want. – [Shawn] I’m actually
surprised you’re saying that. You have so many vehicles that don’t run. – One. – And one on the verge. – Yeah, well– – I’m not surprised you said that, because you barely make it to work every day. – Yeah, you probably– – I’m reliability, right?
So I’ve hit adult mode and now I just want the dang thing to be reliable and then
put 15 grand into it. – [Fuller] Whereas I’m choosing
the 30 thousand dollar one because I want all the nice, cool features and all the new stuff. All the interior things. – [Shawn] I don’t really
care about that stuff, I just want it super reliable. – You know, ever since I found air conditioned seats,
I’m just in love with air conditioned seats. – Yeah. – See, I just want to take all of the nice stuff from a new vehicle
and put it in an old one. – Because with $30,000
you could pretty much re-build the whole thing.
– [Banker] Mm-hmmm. – I have seen people do that.
– [Banker] Mm-hmmm. – But you have to re-do everything. – [Keaton] Duramax Swap C20
is just right back here. – [Shawn] But then it’s all
the suspense, like everything. – [Banker] That’s why you
got 30 grand to do it! – [Shawn] I think for 30
grand, I think you could, if you were doing the work yourself, I think you can. – That would be pretty sweet. – See? – Everything. – I might lean towards that answer. – I’m exhausted just picturing that now. You must have a lot more
free time than I do. And talent. – Well. – [Keaton] Rough Country Coilovers or BDS Spacer Kit. – I would actually take the Rough Country Coilovers. – [Banker] Well you need, yeah. – [Fuller] Coilovers
are always going to be better than a spacer. – [Banker] Right. Even a low-end coilover, because everybody’s
into old Rough Country, they’re still better than a spacer lift. – [Shawn] By far. – They ride really nice, Jerry has one in his truck.
– Convince us, because I can tell– – I’m going to go with the spacer kit on the BDS, only because– – [Shawn] And he’s not
wearing Air Jordans, so he’s not just a brand guy. – [Banker] Right. Angles. – [Fuller] BDS kits do really nice angles. The coilovers, though, so
Rough Country Vertex Coilovers, you can use on different height of lifts. – That’s the thing, yeah. – So, okay, yeah, if you max them out– – Or are we picturing the
seven and a half inch? – Yeah, so I’m saying
like seven and a half inch maxed angles with coilovers,
isn’t going to be– – They didn’t say seven and a half versus six and a half inch, so picture them both at six inch. – Or is that not an option? – I figure they both are five and a half to seven and a half or
something like that? – Yeah, so the Vertex Coilover. So Rough Country makes
five, six, seven and a half. They’re all the same price, they’re all the same variations of pushing the angles further. So the six inch still doesn’t have the greatest angles. So even if you go six inch to six inch, the BDS is going to perform better. – But not ride quite as good. – Right.
– On the road. – On the road. – So, you would give up some ride for wearability on those angles? – Yes. – Primarily, what is it? Is it wheel bearings? – Ball joints. – Ball joints? Uppers?
– Ball joints, CV axles, yes. – Uppers, lowers, and CV axles. – I’m tempted, either way. – I still would go coilovers. – [Fuller] They look way cooler. – [Banker] Yeah, I’ll give you that much. – My reliable truck be
looking good, sitting there. (Laughing) – Starting to see why
I’m the third one here. – [Keaton] Street Sema
Truck or Lifted Sema Truck? – So this is why you’re actually here, because this is a tough question. Now Sema. So both of them
are Seama quality builds, drop street or lifted? – Any time I think of the Sema truck build that’s not a lifted one, I think of Ken Block’s Hoonitruck. – That’s interesting. So I think of the square bodies. – [Banker] Yeah, just dropped and– – [Shawn] Yeah – [Banker] Tubbed and tubbed. – [Fuller] Same. – [Shawn] And I want that. Like, if I’ve got two options– – He’s never ridden in one. – Well, it’s a Sema truck. You don’t ride in them.
– You not gonna ride it. – ep, you just look at them. – So if I’m going to stand there and stare at something or
put something in a show room that absolutely slammed
frame on the ground, wheels tucked up into the engine bay, I mean, I cannot get over that. The C10’s and there have
just been such insane Sema lowered builds. – Yeah. – And here’s the other thing, right, we all know this. The lifted trucks,
typically, are more bolt on, the lowered trucks are typically built more by hand over
the course of years. – Custom fabrication. – By that 65 year old artist, and that’s the truck that I want. But I’m talking full interior, you know, the full build. – [Banker] So you’re comparing it to– (upbeat music) So when you do go to Sema, most of the lifted trucks, there’s nothing down in the inside. If anything, it’s pretty basic. – [Shawn] It’s a year or two old and everybody driving down the street has one. Compared to that C10 that’s absolutely slammed, you’ll never see one in your life unless you go to Sema, and I want to put that
right there in the showroom and just stare at it. Maybe sit in it. Maybe work on my phone
while sitting in it. – God, there’s so many variables. – Does Andrew have a C10 or C20? – 10. – I love his C10. I think it’s sweet. – [Shawn] Mm-hmmm. – But, and your argument of, like, you know, it’s a Sema truck
so you’re not driving it, well Ken Block does drive his. – Which truck are you talking about? – The hoonitruck. – I think he just really loves Ken Block. I don’t think it matters. – Yeah, which truck?
– No, no, no. – All of Ken Black’s vehicles. – The Raptor? – No, he’s got a slammed to the ground old school Ford. – Oh, the F100. You realize this man has like 80 vehicles that he’s built for these. – Specifically the Hoonitruck. – Is he talking about the wide bodied one that’s always at
Sema on the big screen? – [Banker] Yes. – [Shawn] I mean, that’s not
what we’re talking about. – [Banker] At all. – [Shawn] Because of course
we would all take that. – [Fuller] That’s super fast and sweet! – [Shawn] That’s not
what we’re talking about. – [Fuller] It’s all wheel drive. – [Shawn] I want you to
re-think the question. – Then I would go with a C10. – Have you even decided yet? – Yes, I’m just waiting
for you two to finish. – I’m done. – Okay, I would go lifted, with the same– – Because he doesn’t want
to agree with anything. – Hold on, though. But the same attention to
detail as that lowered truck. – Show me one this year at Sema. Maybe I’m just not paying
attention to that level, I know I saw a couple, but– – Increase my budget, I’ll show you one. – Ah, no, I see where he’s going now. – We better move to the next question. – Back to that 30,000 in interior. – Yep. – [Keaton] Ram 1500 with Demon Motor Swap or Shelby F-150? – So the Demon is the 1,000 horsepower variant of the Hellcat. – And the Shelby’s like 750 or something? – I think so. I would take the Demon in the Ram. – Ram has done a lot lately. – Dodge in general. Fiat, Chrysler Motor Group, whatever they call themselves now. They always push the limits when it comes to, like, horsepower and building cars that people probably won’t buy. I feel like they probably will just end up putting a Hellcat
version of the Ram out there anyway, at some point. And I think the Shelby F-150 has too, has too many stick-on things. I don’t like the fender flares they put on and the stripe kit,
and like, I don’t know. – [Shawn] It does look a little bit– – [Fuller] It’s like the Tonka Truck. They are not good additions. – Is Chevy even playing this game? Did they just bow out of
building any truck that– – They have the “Reaper.” – Okay, let’s not talk about that. – That was–. – We’re going to pretend
that didn’t happen. That’s like the Aztec. – They’re not doing anything. – I think I’m going with the Ram also. Although, I want to get a Shelby truck. Do they make the Demon Ram
truck or is this just– – No, no, that’s just imaginary. – Yeah, this is a new,
imagining of the Daytona. Which you have had. – [Shawn] I loved my Daytona. – [Fuller] But the SRT
10 that they made, Ram. – [Shawn] I had the Daytona
truck with the spoiler. – [Banker] Of course you did. – I’d take off the spoiler
for the clean look, then I’d put it back
on, go race truck mode and race everybody I could find. I’m going Demon as well. – Same. – Whoa. Whoa. – I really hate the new F-150. – See, I like the Shelby, it’s just when he starts talking about it, he’s making me mad about it. – [Fuller] Well, I like the SVT Raptor, but the Shelby F-150 is eh. – [Shawn] So how about
SVT Raptor over the Demon? – [Fuller] The Demon’s
still got 1000 horsepower. – Yeah, I thought so. He’s like, I like it,
but not like it, like it. – Raptor has like 150
horsepower V6 or something. – Oh, come on. – Stupid. – Don’t let this man tell you anything about a Ford. He’s going to be all
angry and upset about it. – I would be, too. – [Keaton] Bagged or lifted Mini Truck? And then they have in parentheses, Mitsubishi Mighty Max, Nissan, et cetera. – Man, could you picture a lifted, like a Nissan hard body but lifted? – [Shawn] Oh my god.
– [Fuller] nobody does that! – [Shawn] Like the Tyco Bandit? – [Fuller] Yes. – You know what, though? Have you ever seen the Chevy
S10 ZR2 as a monster truck? Those are hot. – Yeah. – I want one so bad. I don’t want to drive
one, but I want to own one and I want to monster
truck some like Cavaliers at Wal-Mart. Just, like, little– – Little truck going over little cars? – Like miniature world. And what was the other option, slammed? – Yeah.
– Yeah. – Now I’m going lifted. Now I want the S 10 ZR2,
either Blazer or Pick Up. Totally monster truck, some 40’s and like eight inches of lift and armor plating on the whole bottom, so I
can go over cavaliers. Done deal. – I would also go lifted, but, like, with a T-100 or any of
those older Toyota pickups, but not to that sense. – You want to make a
Back to the Future truck? – No. Well, yeah, yes. But you can make those into
sweet prerunner trucks. – Yah. – People do that all the time. Rangers, S10’s, you can – hat’s a good point. – You can build them to be actually pretty capable. – I’m not going to lie, I don’t get into the foreign mini truck scene. I’m sorry. – I know it’s sacrilegious and everybody in Texas, California, Las Vegas is mad at me right now. Stop profaning. – I’d go with the lowered one. – [Shawn] Of course you would. – [Banker] Only because I could park it under my lifted Sema truck. – [Shawn] Yeah. – Like a matching set? Do the same wrap. – That would be cool. Would you do a Ford, then, an old Ford? – It’s a mini truck. – Like a Ford Lightening? – You feel like picking on him? – It’s not a mini truck. We’re talking, like, ranger. – An old ranger? – Well maybe
– Old Rangers are– – I know that’s what I’m tryna ask. What brand? – I don’t know, it depends on what my
lifted Sema truck is. – [Shawn] Cause now all the, I think here’s why, so I’m
a hard lines Lamborghini Ferrari, Chevy, the super
duty now has hard lines. None of the old mini foreign
trucks, they’re all rounded all the Mazdas, all,
everything is rounded. – Kinda, yeah – It depends, like 80’s
Ranger is very square the 90’s Ranger starts to get round. – o you could do 80’s. – Yeah that’s good
– You could get that to match. Okay I take it back , that’s a neat idea. I’m still going with my answer, but I’m not so mad about yours. – So that’s where I’m gonna
spend the 30 grand on a 15 thousand other truck. – You’re gonna need it. To make that thing look good. – You gonna spend 30 grand on a 25 hundred dollar truck? – Yeah, well– So now you get 42 and a half grand. – See how this is working. – Budgets a budgets. And
it’ll be worth the sex – That’d be cool. – Suzuki Equator Sema Build or Honda Ridgeline Sema build? – I actually don’t know
(beep) about either of them, I know that I don’t wanna ridgeline. – Well a Honda Ridgeline– – Their both basically the same thing. – Does the other one look the same? – Yeah – The Suzuki I don’t think I’ve ever seen. – Um I think I’m gonna go with lifted Pontiac aztek for 500 dollars, Bob. (laughing) – Is his name Bob? – That’ll look pretty sweet. – His name is Bob right? – His name’s not Bob. – In the show, what’s the guys name? – Its Alec. – Alec. – Yeah. – Alec. – I’ll take the Honda Ridgeline, I guess. – [Shawn] You’ll resent based on what? – [Fuller] I saw , I saw
one photo of a cool one. – [Banker] They got rid of the razor rack though didn’t they? They straightened it out now. – [Banker] Now it literally
looks like you just chopped off the back. – I’m gonna go with no, final answer? – Yeah I’m actually– – You already said ridgeline. – Um I mean, I was gonna
go with the ridegeline. – Alright.
– That surprises me. – No, ridgeline , ridgeline. – [Keaton] Fuller at Shawn’s age of 40 or Shawn at Fuller’s age of 23? – [Fuller] I feel like at 23– – No, he has to go first
because we have a bias. So would you rather deal
with me as a 23 year old or Fuller as a 40 year old? – Oh Jesus (laughing) – This is the other reason you’re here. – Wow – Did you come up with this? – Yeah, we’ve been getting a lot of like Fuller looks the young, new
and improved version of Shawn, so I keep reading that comment and I’m like we should make somebody and also make ourselves choose would you rather deal
with me at Fuller’s age or Fuller at my age? – I think Fuller at your age. – How cranky were you at my age? – Not cranky, I was dangerous. I wasn’t cranky at all. – Cause I’m kind of angry a lot. – Your just gonna be a cranky old man, I can deal with that.
– Yeah? – This guys a dick. – Not at 23, I would just light all my stuff on fire. When I partied my shirt was burned, and my garage was burned.
– I’ve seen the photos, we probably can’t even
put them in this video. – I definitely would
rather take Fuller at 40, then try to live through
what I made it at 23 already. Like I get scared thinking about it, I’m surprised I made it – I’m basically an old man, like in my free time , which I don’t have I
like to sit outside and– – You have to remember though if your already like this at 23 you’re really going to be bad at 40. – I know but like the
things that I enjoy doing when I don’t have anything to
do are like sitting outside in my chair drinking sweet tea, watching my grass and mowing my grass with the perfect shape. – Yeah just in case somebody steps on it. – Yeah cause nobody is allowed in my yard. – The thing is that I think
you literally answered based on do you wanna deal
with me for an extra 17 years, is that what I just heard? – Wait. – I feel like you actually answered like at least he’s closer to dying. (Laughing) – No – Okay, wow. Got nervous
for a second there. – Camera. – You don’t actually
use that thing do you? – Allow, okay find your face. Okay – Now its gonna make me old? – Yup. – 40 you can only add 15 years? – Age, old, old. – Wait you don’t wanna
go too old, 40’s young. (Banker whistles) – What you want cool old? – Yeah – Cool old would be more appropriate. – [Banker] Oh it just gives you a beard. – [Fuller] Oh look at me, oh my. – [Shawn] Can you make
him a little younger? – [Banker] Wow – That is not what 40 looks like, that I not what 40 looks like. – That’s exactly what you look like. – That better not be what I look like. That look like Phil from SD. – Yeah – Oh, yeah okay so that’s you old – I hope you look like that at 40 . I don’t know why I said
that, that was mean. – Okay. So lets see. – Now we can see what
you look like even older. – No, we’re going younger with mine. That doesn’t make any
sense, its not the question. – That actually kind of looks like you. – Just took my wrinkles away. – Yeah. – There you go. – [Banker] Oh wow. – [Shawn] That’s 23 year old Shawn. – [Banker] Look at that. – [Shawn] He is about to
light his shirt on fire and run across the camp. – [Banker] Shall we see what
he looks like with a beard? – So there you go, that’s another episode of “This or That”. If you guys have any questions that you wanna see us to answer if you drop a comment with
a really really good one we’ll probably come
back and do this again. This one was really fun. – It was fun, and this was mostly comments
they left at the last one I was on. Because I only said I would come back if they had good questions. – And they were. So drop your comments and make sure you hit subscribe. Check out the next one,
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