Hello everyone! The construction trucks had such a great time
changing colour and playing hide and seek, that all the other trucks wanted to have a
turn! Can you remember which one is the re-spray
button?… …That’s right! It’s the spray can! right then, who’s in first? Bobby the Bus,
Rebecca the Recycling Truck, Tony the Taxi,
Amber the Ambulance, Oscar the Old Bus,
Trevor the Tractor, Larry the Lorry,
Vicky the Ice Cream Van, Max the Monster Truck,
Andy the Animal Ambulance, Fiona the Fire Truck. “Red”
“Orange” “Yellow”
“Green” “Blue”
“Purple” “Pink”
“Brown” “Black”
“White” “Grey” now I think we’re ready for a game of Hide
and Seek. I’ll count, you hide! One… Two…. Three.. Four… Five… Six…. Seven…. Eight…. Nine…. Ten” Ready or not, here I come! Is that Oscar or Fiona, all RED? No! It’s Bobby the Bus, instead! Who’s that there in the sand…Hello! It’s Tony the Taxi, bright YELLOW! Haha, Rebecca is easily seen,
She’s forgotten that she’s ORANGE, not green!.. But Amber the Ambulance gave me a fright,
I forgot that she was GREEN, not white! Oscar the Old Bus, looks almost brand new,
With his paintwork shiny and BLUE That’s a very bright house, don’t you
think? Oh! It’s Larry the Lorry, huge and PINK! I’ve looked everywhere, all over the town,
To find our Vicky – chocolate BROWN Trevor the Tractor could hide for hours
In that field of PURPLE flowers There are three more trucks to find today
Look! There’s Fiona painted GREY! Have we found them all? Is it time to head back? No, there’s Max the Monster Truck, smart
and BLACK! And back at the garage I think that might…
…be our Andy, painted WHITE! Well done everyone! Are you ready to say the colours one more
time? Red… Orange… Yellow… Green… .Blue…. Purple… Pink…. Brown… Grey… Black… White Now Fiona is using her hose to wash away all
the paint, and my friends are back to their original colours again! See you again soon! BYEEE”