this JCB truck is made from a dozen syringes
and saline tubes. such trucks are used for moving earth. join two syringes with tube
filled with water. by pushing one syringe other gets pushed too. now make a hydraulic
jack. fix two syringes in a CD box. lift and lower a truck with an hydraulic jack. this
JCB performs many actions. the first plunger makes the jib move up and down. this is the
closeup view. the second plunger makes the bucket to swivel. this is the closeup view
of the bucket swiveling. the third plunger makes the whole crane move left or right.
here is the closeup view. the JCB can move on wheels. the fourth plunger lifts the front
wheel by two jacks. the fifth plunger moves the boom up and down. the JCB performs multiple
motions. you can now see the JCB pick a bundle of grass, lift it, turn it and keep it aside.