– Before the Raptor
sailed off the sand dunes, before the Explorer
conquered America’s highways, the Mustang’s more rugged
cousin, was winning off-road races and leading
slow speed police chases. This is everything you
need to know to get up to speed on the Ford Bronco. – Hmm, this guy’s good. Damn he’s good. (upbeat music playing) – Welcome to Miracle
Whips, where if you only could drive one car for the
rest, for the rest of your life, what would it be? – So Byron wasn’t a
huge fan of the Bentley a few weeks ago, so I
went back on drive share, they have a ton of cool cars
you can rent for yourself. I found this Ford Bronco. It’s off-road, it’s rugged, it’s orange. I think he’ll love it. – Woooooo! This looks fun! Today, I’m going to
drive a 1974 Ford Bronco. The Ford Bronco is one of
America’s first utility vehicles. It can haul you, your
whole family, your friends and y’all pets. On and off the road. This is the one that set it off man. This is an American classic. Is is a Miracle Whip? (growls) Let’s take a look. (music plays) Sound, this is how cars used
to sound back in the day. That is the official sound of rejection. You hear that clunk,
excuse me are y’all hiring? Oh man, that was a good
date, you mind if I come in? Hey, you think there will ever
be another black president? (door slams) No? Okay. You know what this sounds like? A pinball machine. That’s amazing. This car is a man’s man’s car. You need to be rugged and rough. We got this. Damn. (moaning) Thank God for these, huh? Phew You gotta do that a lot. Wow, look at this. (kissing noise) Come here, up! This is the perfect drive in car. And you know it had another seat in here, but who needs that you know I mean? You take you and your boo out, you know, you got the open roof. Look at this shit man. Its like a balcony, we
can just kick it up here. – It’s nice, it’s cooler up here. – And have a beer. – Oh that’s why, cuz of this. – Oh (laughs) I mean Me and Nolan up there,
I think we were beginning to have a moment. Want to take our shirts off? Look at him, see you can’t do that now. What happened to back in the day, when men could be this close with their shirts off? You know, have a brew with
some bandana around their head. – Different time. – Talking about, the
communists are taking over, that was a big problem back then. Or is it a problem now? Play the door again! They got two gas tanks. Main fuel tank and auxiliary fuel tank. We gonna take out the 89 and the 91 at the same time. Feel like a badass filling up with gas. I really do love the
simplicity of this car though. You want the air on, pull it out You want it off, push it in All the gauges and stuff
comes out with a Phillip’s screwdriver. You know what that means? You could take this whole car
apart with a butter knife. This is the days when people
trusted everybody, so you probably could just open
it from here, right? Look at that. Look at that. That just makes it easier to steal. You can tell this car
came out pre-crack era. And man they just go
inside your car without you even knowing. Where’s my Bronco? All that’s left is this oil stain. Bronco! (hood bangs) That’s when you wake up. Mike, you in my Bronco again? Borrowed some spark plugs from you. Now as heavy as this
is, I’m nervous putting this little tooth pick under here. This thing got a 302 motor in it. Making only 125 horses. Are you serious? It’s like a tiny lady with a big booty, you know what I mean? These seat belts look as if it didn’t come with seat belts and somebody was like, what about safety, and they tossed them in the car. Take these with you, don’t forget these. It’s definitely not the safest car. You know I mean (makes horn noise) You gonna hear, ting, you heard that? Most cars when you crank them, come alive. (car starting) This car awakens. Hey what’s up, man? Yo is it time? Is it time to go somewhere again? When you hit the gas
in this car you really got to commit. (music playing) The sun beaming. I wanna close the roof, but
it’s way the fuck back there. This is a great vehicle
to have surf boards in. Take it to the skate park. You trying to race? Man when I get out on the
road, when I hit the gas, stomp on it, I can feel the rumble. Stomp on it. And then I look at the speedometer, 35 miles an hour. I’m stomping on the
car and every other car is driving normal. This car makes cartoon noises. It sounds like there’s
somebody in the back with aluminum foil. Just holding it to the wind. Trash flying everywhere. I don’t know what that was! I think something just clicked into place. This car is loud as fuck. You’re not getting to
know anybody in this car. I don’t know if this is a
car you have a young lady in the car beside you,
in the passenger seat, y’all having a conversation
about where she’s from, or what kind of wine she drinks. What? Huh, I couldn’t hear you. Nah. And it handles like a shopping cart. You ever just push the
shopping cart and ran and jumped on the back and then tried to turn that bitch? (screaming) Milk aisle, blues. Now I think it’s time
to take this horse out where it belongs, in the dirt. (music playing) (cheering) Oh my God. This is it. This is where this car belongs. (cheering) I mean look, this is a 44 year old car. You’re not taking this
car to the Baha 1000. But it hangs in there,
and this car feels right, when it’s turning in the gravel. Whoa, look how you slide
around these curves. (cheering) Bronco, it’s like driving a horse! (laughing) Yeah baby! (car shuts off) (sighs) I still don’t know why you need a big antenna like this,
where you calling, Cuba? Yeah man, nobody really notices this car. I mean yeah, they notice
it, as move the fuck out the way, you big piece of bullshit. It took a whole minute
to go 50 miles an hour. 50, it got 100 on the dash. But at the same time it’s something about going 50 in this car that
makes you seem like you’re doing like 90. You’re flying, cuz this car is everywhere, you know what I mean? You’re just along for the ride. It’s wobbly, so I’m holding on to the seat next to me. It’s kickin out, it’s like a rodeo, you know what I mean? Oh! She’s scary around the turns. Oh man, why I turned? It was like oh, help me. Oh snap, I just noticed, look at this! These buttons. Something clips on to the back here, and it probably extends out. Maybe like a rain tent
or something, that makes it more like a camper, you know? If you know what it is, tell
us in the comments below. So I just noticed it has
this thing on the back, cause you drive with the
tailgate open I guess. But they can still see your tag. The little detail they added. Just lets you know they
put some thought into it. What they didn’t add was
vents inside the car, cup holders. Woo, I’m thirsty. Let’s make this horse giddy up. Aw, that’s corny as hell, I
don’t know why I said that. I don’t know why I said that. If I hit the gas on off-road, this car losing its mind. It’s almost as if this
car is scared to drive on a regular road. When I first brought this
car out, I’m mashing the gas, I’m trying to see what she got, I’m trying to push her to her limits. You can’t stop on the gas
and there ain’t no headrests. And on the way back, guess what? I had a realization. I need to stop treating
this car like a muscle car. This car has been pushed to its limits, it’s over that. So maybe you ease on
it, then you open it up. You open the throttle up. Throttle. There you go. Still ain’t going nowhere though. (laughs) It’s been married and divorced. It’s got two kids in college. It likes drinking wine. It likes relaxing. I thought it was the Bronco
that needed to be tamed. But it seems like it was
me that needed to be tamed the whole time. Shame. Shame. (music playing) Is the 1974 Bronco my Miracle Whip? No. It’s not. This would be a cool
car to cruise around in the suburbs on the weekends. I live in the city, DTLA, shout out to it. I gotta go through skid row. I need something smooth
and a little bit fast. So I gotta keep on searching
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