Hey I’m Roy Wright and I lead FEMA’s National
Flood Insurance Program. I want to talk about as people begin the process
to recover from the flood from the hurricane and you have flood insurance how do you go
through that process? First, you call your agent or the company
and you begin the process to file that claim. Right out of the gate were going to direct
an advanced payment of up to $5,000 for contents, $5,000 for your structure. That first $10,000 can get into your hands
even before the adjuster comes to your home and then were going to begin and get that
put all the way through the process and get you paid for everything that you’re entitled
too. Let me tell you this, if at any point during
the process you become frustrated or confused you call FEMA direct you dial 1-800-621-FEMA. It is our job to help you get through this
process and ensure you get every dollar you’re entitled to under flood insurance program. And as you begin to rebuild your life and
make your way back to recovery.