Hi I’m Kevin Tetz working with LMC Truck
to bring you some how-to videos and technical information that’s designed to
make your restoration project go even better. As you can see we’ve come a long
way on our square body project- we’ve got it painted, polished, and we’re ready for
a new interior. Now instead of doing a replacement components or refurbishing
the original stuff we’re gonna transform the interior of this truck with the
Signature Series components from LMC Truck. Check these out. Now the heart of
our Signature Series interior are these fully assembled, great-looking bucket
seats. They feature a tubular steel frame, molded seat foam, side bolsters and
handcrafted padded two-toned brown vinyl upholstery with contrasting white
stitching. The seats include a reclining mechanism and slide tracks. The center
console is molded fiberglass and it’s sold separately from the seats, but
designed to work together as a set. It’s got the same two-tone vinyl and
contrasting stitching, and features something that this truck never had from
the factory- cup holders. The door trim panels have the same two-tone upholstery,
contrasting white stitching and are made from molded fiberglass. And like
everything else in this system they’re designed to install quick and easy. Like
we said, the sliders come with the seats but the seat frame itself is sold
separately and is designed to be bolted together easily and installed into the
factory location in the cab. Now the matching headliner is constructed of
molded fiberglass and will outlast the original by a long stretch. You’ve got
the option of matching sun visors and if you want to go really custom you can get
a couple of extra yards of fabric that matches the rest of the upholstery
system straight from the LMC Truck catalog. The Signature Series dash pad is
made from molded fiberglass, features the padded dark brown vinyl with contrasting
stitching and bolts in with the factory location, utilizing the factory air
conditioning ducts. Now you’re going to be using original components along with
the new Signature Series interior panels and if your truck’s like ours, well, the
color probably doesn’t match. So you can either go to the LMC Truck catalog and
get new components in the correct color or use the color bond system and color
match your originals. New carpeting is a no brainer and LMC Truck has several
color options for you to choose from, including new floor mats and these
inserts that are designed to give you a custom effect on your kick panels. They
just glue into place, give you a really nice touch, a little more insulation. The
carpet kit itself is rich carpet, different colors, jute backing, and the
bolt locations are clearly marked on the back side so there’s no guessing. Now,
just like the rest of our interior our seat belt and retractors were maroon, not
gonna work. Thanks to LMC Truck, now we’ve got color choices- brand new retractors,
grade eight hardware and color choices to match our choice of interior. On a
difficulty meter I’m gonna give this about a three and a half out of five.
Each individual component not that difficult to do, but you’re dealing with
a lot of stuff in concert and there’s some cutting and drilling involved
around your brand new interior panels. So if you’re focused you’ll get this done
in about a weekend’s time. Basic hand tools is all that you’re going to need
for this project. Standard and metric sockets, well, because that’s what these trucks are. You’ll need a drill, some drill bits, some
flashlights because it’s dark and some way to cut the trim panels if you’ve got
power window switches like we do. And be safe. Now if you’re working by yourself
like I do a lot of times, here’s an old-school trick in putting a headliner
up in one of these trucks. I’m using bungee cords to suspend the liner, I’ve
got my paint protected with the packing blankets and it acts like a second set
of hands. Now from here you’re also going to notice that we don’t have our glass
installed. You can put these pieces in with the glass in the truck but this
gives us the opportunity to show you a little bit better how to install it and
it makes it a little easier, obviously, slide our headliner in from the back. Now
the next step is for me to cut the upholstery, slip my dome light through,
and that attaches the back half of the headliner up to the cab of the
truck. I’ll leave myself some excess, I’m not trimming all the fabric away because
you can always cut more- you can never cut less. Now we can go to the inside and
button it up. Yeah right there. A little bit of spray
lube on the visor rod really helps the installation of the new sun visors and
this just requires some gentle persuasion. Beautimous. The sun visors are
simple to install but trimming the headliner requires a
little finesse and a sharp blade. Then the awl can guide you to the screw
locations. And perfect. Nice! Alright, so we get our four
corner panels up and get our perimeter panel up. This will be like Grant went
through Richmond. The filler panels need to be installed before the dash and are screwed easily into place. We’ve color-matched the rest of our trim
with ColorBond spray. Your awl and some patience will help you find the original
screw locations, just take your time with the new components. Nice. Now all the
holes for the pegs on this bezel are pre-drilled in the fiberglass. We’ll poke
right through there, we’ve just got to locate them from the backside through the vinyl. And this pops into the pre-existing
drilled holes. Screw in these guys carefully. The vents can go back in and carefully pry. Put our vent back in place, a few nuts go on. Alright, now this dash pad goes in super
easy. There’s trim screws along the bottom, the bezel pitches it in and our
windshield rubber gasket holds it in from the top. There’s no fasteners on the
top but it’s a pinch fit kind of a compression fit across the top and that
holds it in and it looks great. Super easy to install. We’ve got just 4 fasteners across the bottom. The bezel is kind of a bearcat to wrestle in here but if you’re careful,
it doesn’t go too badly. That’s it That’s all there is to it. For the rest of the interior trim it’s just a matter of lining up your screw holes and
installing the trim pieces just like you removed them. Looks good, looks really good. The Signature Series door trim panels
are set up for manual windows. We’ve got power windows so we need to cut out and
fit our switches. I’m going to show you an easy way to make a template that’s
perfect. We’ve got a driver’s door panel here. We’re using 1 1/2″ masking
tape right over top. Now all we do is use spray paint for a contrasting color on
the backside. Give it a second to dry. Now all we do, take off our tape we’ve got an
exact impression of the factory cut holes in the original trim panel for the
door. And now we just trim out the inside with a sharp blade. This is something to
trace. OK, so now we transfer it onto here. Now we know that the hole is a good
location for one of the switches, requires minimal trimming because it’s
already there. For the window switch on the other side, got that right there as
you can see. Mark my corners out. I can see where I have to cut. We found that a
vibrating plunge tool was perfect for cutting through the layers of this door
panel easily without risking cutting through the upholstery on the other side. The second layer is a thin MDF fiber
board and needs to be cut as well. Now I’m going to take my awl and mark
the corners by poking them through. Now I’ve got an idea of how much of the trim to cut. You don’t want to cut too much of the upholstery. Now you always want to
use a fresh single edge razor blade that way your blade is sharp enough to where
it cuts and doesn’t tear any of your fabric or upholstery. Now, pop the
switches in so the spring clips grab ahold of the other side. And if our template was accurate we
should be good to go. On this one it looks like we have to do a little bit of
trimming on the backside because we’re a little tight – but that’s okay, we can trim
a little. Window switches fit good but the lock switch I’m gonna trim just a
little bit on the back. That should do it. Yep, better. Window switch in and now
we have one more tweak on the backside. I’m using a flat screwdriver to pop the
spring clip on the switch over top of the thin MDF layer to hold the switch in
place on the door panel. Using the provided template, I’ll
drill holes for the push pins on the bottom of the door panels. That starts
with an 1/8 inch pilot hole, followed by a 17/64 bit. We’re going to install the
moisture barrier that comes with the kit behind the original panel bracket. The new door handle cup gets screwed into place in the original door panel bracket. Perfect. The original handle trim gets screwed
back in place finishing up the door panel installation. Beautiful We’ve shown you how to install carpet in
other videos, just remember that the wrinkles will work themselves out over time. We got all our wires for audio system. The scuff plates get reinstalled again using the trusty awl to locate the screw holes through the carpet. Nice, good deal. The slider kit comes with a hex wrench so you don’t have to buy any tools, but we already have a 3/16 t-handle, it’s a little more convenient. Looks like that. Next we’ll connect the
rod to the opposite adjuster and hang it from the top bolt as well. We’ll slide the track up to get access to the other bolt hole. Now for installation you just
line up the tracks, and the tracks and the adjuster will work in concert with
it bolted to the seat frame. That was easy wasn’t it. The seats bolt to the frame using the
supplied hardware and even though the center console usually gets installed
after the seat is in the truck, we wanted to show you how the velcro straps hold
it in place on the seat frame itself. The new seat belts bolt back into the
factory locations using the supplied grade 8 bolts. And the seat frame gets bolted in directly to the factory location using the original hardware. If yours is rusty or stripped out, LMC Truck does offer replacement hardware. The fit, finish, and feel of all of these components is excellent.
The color combination happens to look great with our two-tone red and white, but
other colors are available from LMC Truck. The Signature Series can be installed individually to suit your tastes or as a complete set, like ours,which is a definite upgrade. I hope this video shows you that transforming the
interior of your C10 to a custom high quality look is not only easier and more
affordable than you might have thought, but it’s also something that you can
knock out by yourself over the course of a weekend. I’m Kevin Tetz, thanks for watching.