What’s up everybody, welcome back to the Detail
Garage. Today, we have something special for all you
guys who like to go off-road. Our buddy Carlos brought in his Silverado
and as you can see, it’s completely thrashed with mud, dirt, and everything else on surface. So, today, we have Hector and myself detailing
this thing because we want to get it done as quickly and efficiently as possible. To start off, we are going to get jumping
on the wheels. As you can see, they’ve picked up a lot of
dirt, clay, and anything else that could be thrown up into that wheel well. What we are going to do is start with rinsing
it down and then using some soft bristle brushes with Diablo Wheel Gel, we’ll safely remove
any abrasive particles of dirt or brake dust or anything else that could harm the finish. So, let’s get started. Hector, are you ready? I’m ready. Let’s do it. So, Hector, like I said, I have you here because
we are going to do this as efficiently as possible. Now that this one’s rinsed down, I can actually
start the scrubbing process.Hector is going to move to the back of wheel so we can get
this done as fast as possible. So, to begin on this wheel, I am going to
grab an Easy Reach Wheel Brush, a very soft bristled brush that safely removes any kind
of contaminants or anything else off the wheel. It reaches all the way to the back of the
barrel because as you can see, this truck has a deep dish and also these intricate spokes
here so you want to to be able to get all of the contamination or anything else that’s
collected on the wheel so you can have a perfectly fresh and detailed rim. So, as you can see, the Easy Reach Wheel Brush
did an amazing job at going around the entire wheel. Also, it’s got this nice soft bristled brush,
so it’s not going to be scratching the surface of any painted, chrome, or OEM wheels. Simply, it’s removing any kind of road debris,
brake dust, or anything else that’s collected on the wheels. So, now, we are going to move onto a finer
brush.This is the green Flag Tipped Brush. It has these really fine bristles on the end
here and this is going to get the face and barrel. Simply working my way around and as you saw
with the Easy Reach Wheel Brush, we start at the top and then work our way around. This is going to prevent dirt from getting
in areas we already cleaned. It simply takes off anything that’s collected
on the surface. As you guys can see, we are outside today,
it’s a little noisy, but we are going to work through it. Hector is working back here on a wheel and
he’s using two of our new brushes. These are our Red Rocket Brushes. They come in two different sizes. He has the larger brush for getting in the
obviously large areas, and then a smaller brush to get the smaller, more intricate, more tight crevices, like between the caliper and rotor or the caliper and the barrel. Now, to finish up this wheel, I’m going to
finish up using some Sticky Citrus Wheel Gel.I’m going to spray it directly onto the surface
and this is going to help cut through old dressings, road debris, tar, grease, or anything
else that gives you that brown look. Simply spray it on the surface, and then I
am going to use a stiffer bristled brush. This blue stiffy bristle brush is going to
agitate, but it’s also going to do the real heavy duty scrubbing. Get this a little bit wet to add some softness
to it. Now, we’ll just go around the wheel. Now, again, as always, we’re starting at the
top because the dirt is travelling down and it’s just making more work yourself if you
start at the side or the bottom if you start anywhere else but the top. We’re going to finish this up, finish up the
other two wheels, and then get started on the body. So, Hector and I have just finished cleaning
all 4 wheels on this truck and they look a lot better obviously, but now we need to move
onto the body, so things are going to get really messy in this wash bay. It’s got a lot of dirt and mud on there, so
what we are going ot do is a little bit different today.We are going to start by rinsing it
down, we are going to foam it, and then rinse that foam off, foam it again, and then we
can actually do our scrubbing process because as we could see when we were washing the wheels,
this stuff is really caked on and it’s actually abrasive, so we definitely don’t want to scratch
this pristine red finish. So, what we are going to do is take extra
precaution to make it look its best. Also, to help up cut through all that dirt
and debris today, we’ve got ourselves Tough Mudder. This is a soap designed specifically for cases
like this where you’ve got a lot of rocks, mud, clay- a lot of stuff that’s going to
be really abrasive. We’re going to create a ton of suds using
this and our Big Mouth Foam Cannon. Now, this is an awesome foam cannon because
it has a larger neck so you don’t make a mess as you’re filling it up, but also, it has
a directional fan so you can either foam vertically or horizontally.This way you can cover any
size or shape vehicle, getting the most foam on there which acts as lubrication and cleaning
power and again, this is going to prevent any kind of swirls or paint damage. So, without further ado, let’s get started
because we have a lot of work to do today and, yeah, let’s just get to it. So, you guys saw that after rinsing it not
once, but twice, there was still mud on there, so now we are going to have to get down and
dirty with it by actually scrubbing it. Hector, here’s a Chenille Microfiber Wash
Mitt for you. We’ve also filled up one of our wash buckets
with more Tough Mudder, foamed it up to activate the suds to act as lubrication and some more
cleaning power. At the bottom of the bucket, we have a Dirt
Trap. If you are new to the channel, what a Dirt
Trap does is it filters out the abrasive particles on the vehicle, keep them off the car and
under that platform and also out of your wash water. So, let’s get started. Alright guys, so me and Nick had to double
team this truck. It was really, really bad. It had a lot of contamination, dirt, grime,
and everything you don’t want on your truck on the truck. So, we have it two foams, rinsed it off, and
now we are going to use our Waffle Weave. Nick what are you using? This is the Woolly Mammoth Towel. Very plush so it picks up a lot of water without
scratching. Nice and plush…. like this guy. Anyway, if you guys liked this video, please
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