hi tom larsen here once again from
the larsen protection team and i’m here to tell you about the dirty
little secret that your insurance broker doesn’t want you to know about and what is that? That there are three ways that
consumers can buy automobile insurance and i’m about to tell you why uh… what
they are number one there’s direct to consumer
companies and they tend to use characters like uh…
that lady called flo and a little lizard creature that crawls around uh… not bad companies but they were giving
you one price their price uh… and that’s it so your calling an eight
hundred-number you’re dealing with somebody you don’t know i wanna
one-to-one basis and and you’re dealing with uh… uh… you know people it said
in uh… corporate office someplace uh… the second way that you can buy
your auto insurance is through what we call a direct writing
company or direct writers and these are the companies that have
storefronts um… with people than any of the store fronts again selling their
product there one product uh… you know there’s a good hands
people or are like a good neighbor those type of companies again good companies but there you’re
dealing with one product in one price which is theirs and the third way is to find independent
insurance brokers which is what we are independent brokers shop in a market
looking for the best rates for you but good coverage too uh… we take care of our clients we
don’t care which company we use we’re looking for you the best
deal for you that we could find out there in the marketplace so those are the three ways that
consumers can buy auto insurance something your broker probably isn’t
telling you again, I’m tom larsen from the larsen protection team take care