After 4 months and over 12.000km covered with the GT-R so far, I’m making myself a more clear idea of what you really run across by daily driving a supercar. I knew it wouldn’t have been cheap but as long as this car doesn’t make me go bankrupt and makes me smile, there’s nothing to complain about! The first important consideration: nowadays you can get yourself a powerful supercar for around 50k € if you look on the second hand market. You can look for cars like the Nissan GT-R, the Audi R8 or even a Ferrari 360 which sounds like a bargain if you think that for the same price you would get a brand new but option-less premium saloon car. But what I’ve learnt from this adventure with the GT-R is that the real expense is not the purchase of the car but the maintenance! So guys if you’re thinking to buy a second hand sports car or supercar, don’t get fooled by the tempting price but first, make your researches to find out what really costs you to run it to make you smile. So, how much it cost to daily drive a supercar such as the GT-R? And YES, the GT-R is a supercar, some people say ” no, no this is not a supercar ” But I guess you don’t want to call it supercar because it has a Nissan badge or something? I don’t know Basically, there are 6 kind of expenses that you should keep in mind. One of the first things you should keep in mind are obviously the tires because a powerful car need proper, quality tires to run safely. I got Dunlop Sport MAXX GT600 and a set bought on Euroimportpneumatici which is my main partner is about 1250€ which is not a bad price but depending on how you drive the car, if you go also on trackdays or not, these tires last between 3000 to 9000km. The second thing you should keep in mind is the fuel consumption because depending on how much you drive the car and how heavy your foot is, You might be spending quite a lot of time and money at gas stations. For example, I have covered so far 12.000km on the GT-R and the onboard computer says that my average fuel consumption is about 17.5l per 100km With an average price of the gas rated at 1,50€ per litre, let me make a quick calculation. That’s about 5,7km per litre which means that I have spent so far DAYUM! That’s more than 3000€ in gas! DAMN! Another inevitable expense that you have to keep in mind, is the maintenance. Well, a regular service with oil change and general liquid changes is about 450€ which is not that bad, and depending on the use of the car you have to make this service around 10.000km but if youplan to go on trackdays, you have to make it a lot more often than that. Other things including about the maintenance are things like the brake pads and disks, If you remember, when I took delivery of the car, the car had Why is he looking at me? I was saying, when I took delivery of the car, the car was really brakeless and replacing the pads, a new set is about 600€ and replacing a full set of disks is 3000€! 3000€! And depending on the use, they’re gonna last between 4 to 8000km. This car is heavy and literally eats your brakes! God, i’m sweating I don’t know if it’s because of the heat or it’s because I’m making all these calculations! Yeah in general, this car is quite expensive to maintain but let’s move on and talk about another expensive expense which is one of the things I hate most of my country, the annual car tax. A car like the Nissan GT-R pays 1500€ but our smart politicians had the idea to introduce an additional tax over the tax and all the cars above – I’m gonna read that because I cannot remember – all the cars above 185kw which is 252hp have to pay an additional 20€ per kw above that amount and the Nissan GT-R pays an additional 4500€ and that means that if you want to make the GT-R run on italian plate you have to pay 6000€… every year! This is a rip-off! Another thing that I hate is the insurance because here in Italy we have some of the most expensive insurance in Europe! And with this car the insurance – which is a pretty good full insurance against theft, damages, fire, I don’t know hurricanes and stuff like that! It’s about 6000€ every year but still, this is ridiculous it’s so expensive! No wonder you get to see in Italy lots of sports cars or supercars owned by italian people but running on german or eastern europe plate because this is way too expensive! And last but not least, the unexpected expenses. If you want to have a car like this, just make sure that you have a proper insurance because it takes just a second that someone might crash into you or someone jealous could make damages to your car and you’re gonna find out that you have to spend a lot of money to cover all these expenses. Over these months I had some unexpected expenses such as a flat tire that was on my way back from the Top Marques. and then I broke the windshield – not the Ferrari 458 Speciale, I mean the GT-R. It was on the highway and a stonechip cracked the windshield and that would have been a cool 1700€ but hopefully the insurance covered most of the repair bill. And another cost that you would inevitably run intois the front splitter because the GT-R is low and you will inevitably scratch that splitter everywhere. I have already changed one and it cost 700€ but really, it’s not worth it, I’m just gonna scratch again and again and again and and don’t give any single F**K! So yes, here’s a recap of all the expenses that I’ve bumped into in just 4 months of daily driving the Nissan GT-R. Daily driving a GT-R is not cheap, probably it wouldn’t have been possible with partners such as Euroimportpneumatici. It’s not impossible, many people keep asking me how much does it cost to drive a supercar, I hope that with this video now you have better ideas. You can really make all these expenses cheaper, for example if you know how to make the maintenance by yourself, unfortunately I cannot even hold properly a corkscrew! I’d love to make maintenance by myself but I would just really cause damages! As I said, you can even put a foreign plate not to pay so high car taxes or insurance so it’s really possible to drive a supercar! Once again, thank you all for the support you’ve been showing, also thanks to you it wouldn’t have been possible to make this car run, I’ll be honest. There will be a lot more content to come with the GT-R and stay tuned for more! I hope you guys did enjoy the video and make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more and as always thanks for watching, ciao!