Okay, welcome back. Today we’re talking
about super charging your financial future. And we’re going to be talking about
the game of real estate but we’re going to be talking about it in terms of whole
life insurance of all things. Whole life insurance policies that can supercharge
a real estate portfolio. Do you see this confused look on my face? That’s like the
first time I heard of like, ‘What are you talking about?” So, I’m bringing an expert
in to share with you what I’ve been doing the last 12 years and how it has
rocked my financial world. So, Rob. You and I, even though we live on
different sides of the country, we’ll get together from time to time and sit
around the campfire so to speak. And have conversations about what we can do to
supercharge our real estate investing. And you know, recently we had a
conversation about what insurance does to that. And for me this is like a nerd
out on this stuff. I geek out on what I can do to optimize my ROI. Because
there’s a reason why we’ve created a name for ourselves in the game of real
estate. And there’s things that we do to basically supercharge our finances. And
this is one of them. Dude, jump in and just talk a little bit about how you can
maximize real estate investing? -You know, So, as a real estate investor before I
met Kris, you know, you would buy a property, you would try and get rent out
of it. I was by no means an expert at all further thing from it. So, I never
understood the physical side of it but I understood the the mental side of it
which is getting for rates of return on the same dollar. That’s… -4 by the
way. -That’s the goal. -4 rates of return on a dollar invested. Which by the way,
this is like, whoa! Geek out with me for a moment, okay? Totally like nerd out on this.
-Yes. So, when you purchase real estate… And always check with your accountant.
When you purchase real estate, you get, if it’s done the right way,
mortgage interest write-off. You want me to expand that with… -This is good. Like,
when you buy a property, you’re actually going to have to pay mortgage. And all of
that interest and you actually get to write that off. Which ends up actually
doing a nice job going against the property. -And also if you have a primary
job and hypothetically speaking, let’s say you’re making 80 grand, 100 grand a
year, now that you bought that real estate. You get to depreciate that asset
on your tax return. -It doesn’t matter what income you make. Bottom line is if
you own the real estate, you get to write off… You get to actually take that entire
value of that property and cut it up into a lot of different slices. And every
year you get to write one of those slices off. And you’re right whatever
that income is, boom! It drops that and can put you either into a different tax
bracket or ultimately just mean potentially paying less in taxes. -Yep. So,
now that’s a dual effect. Right? So, you’re getting the depreciation but
you’re also saving maybe a little bit money against your
portable income. -Right. That dual effect but what’s the tri-effect. -So, now we have…
-Trifecta. We have with quad-a. -Okay, we have cash flow. Cash flow is once the
mortgages paid, whatever is left over his money that’s in your pocket. Right? The
net cash flow. -Okay, so you put your money, you’re getting the write-off interest,
you get to depreciate the asset, you actually get to put extra money in your
pocket. So, you can be earning actually like an ROI.
Every month you can actually earn money on your investment. Tada! You can actually
put your money in something and get paid. -Absolutely. -Number 4? -It’s funny you
say that. If I could take a quick shift, now IRA’s understand the value of
that they actually let you purchase real estate inside your IRA. -Me and my mind
when I heard that, you were rapping. Its mesmerizing. Can you hear the rap? I can
hear the rap when he’s talking. I think he’s like syncopating his language and
just like YES. -It must be an East Coast thing. -I think it might. -Say, it must be an East
Coast. So, number 4 since I didn’t listen to anything was essentially… -The
property’s value appreciating full-time since you know, over over… -So, you’re going to pay an
asset in form of cash flow if you do it the right way while the asset is also
going up in value? -Yes. -Like imagine for like compare that for a
moment just like a US dollar. Does it produce a residual income? No. Does it
actually go up in value? No. It actually deflates in value. You actually lose
value off of that dollar. -Yeah. -And so you’re looking for a different store
value –real estate. Now, here’s the kind of cool thing. You can get all these
benefits off of real estate investing but (hello) life insurance can supercharge
that? -Well let me play with that a little bit, right? Because if you… If you have a
rental property, there’s a mortgage that has… There’s a bank that has the mortgage.
-Yes. -Right? -Bank that has more. -So the bank gets to charge interest on that mortgage.
-Yes. -There, right? So, what would some of our highly educated clients that really
do a fine job at understanding the advantages and disadvantages of products. -They’ll purchase cash value whole life insurance in certain
situations. They will take… They will borrow from their policy and buy real
estate. Now, the policy gives you a guarantee rate of return by state law
and by contract, checked all your information. And you also get a non
guaranteed dividend. Let’s put that over here for one second. -You talk about like
a fifth benefit, sixth benefit. -I’m going to give you the seventh by now. -Okay. -So now, if you
take or if you borrow from our policy and buy that real estate, you’re now
getting those 4 spins. But who the renter is paying the mortgage
payment back to. And it’s not Wells Fargo. -It’s you.
-Yes. It’s paying it back to your policy? -Sounds like that’s how you become your
own bank. -Got you. -Got it. -Light bulb. Actually I got
that light bulb only 12 years ago. And honestly I’ve been trying to find
someone that I connect with that. I’m like, “Dude, who
gets this stuff? No one gets this stuff.” -You got to be disciplined like you are
processed mastery, self mastery. You have a touch of world-class level and it
requires long-term. But there’s no instant gratification here. You’ve got to
be disciplined in your approach with a philosophy. There’s no questioning what
Kris’s philosophy is. -If you geek out on this, there’s lots of immediate gratification.
Like in my mind, there’s like, “whoo-hoo-hoo!” Like look at how it counted
up like 8 benefits. -Absolutely. -Pretty cool. -Absolutely. -You didn’t catch all
that, you need to re-watch the video. But for those of you that got it, you’re like,
“Dude, I counted that. There was like 8. That’s amazing. How do I do that?” Listen,
you guys, you’ve follow me for a long time. So, if you’re loving the real estate
combo and you’re like, “Why aren’t I getting in the game? Why aren’t I getting
access to turnkey deals? Why aren’t I just making this easy for myself?”
All of those are provided for you. Today, we’re talking about how you can
supercharge it with the whole idea of whole life insurance. And if you… If you
don’t really get that, if this kind of went over your head, don’t rewatch the
video. Click the link in the description below and actually get a chance to talk
to the team that can answer all those questions and actually show you exactly
how it works. We actually have a number of our amazing Mavericks out there
watching these videos that are actually doing that and and I love it. Makes me
happy. Because I’m like this is… We got people that are rising up and saying,
“This is my financial life. This is what I want to produce. This is what I want to
create.” And all I’m doing here with Rob is educating you saying, “Are you aware
that all these puzzle pieces exist?” Put them together and accelerate your
results in your life. That’s really what it is about. -And what I love about your
subscribers is they seek education. -Yes. -It’s been my experience and our
conversations and how much they really are educated how much time they spend
watching your videos. Just phenomenal. It really is. -So, for those of you out there
that have have accumulated millions of dollars. Or for those of you that started
like I did like kind of bottom of the barrel was like deeply in debt. The
bottom line is the time to figure this knowledge out and act on it and
implement it is now. But you got to understand it and so you got a team in
the description in that link below that can actually help
that happen. So dude, so listen. You came on and I felt like you were rapping. -Yeah.
-This is just me. I kind of felt like he was rapping. If you agree comment below.
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