Hey this is Jeremy from Shine Insurance
and today we’re going to make real simple work of homeowner’s claims. We’re
going to break it down into five steps that you can easily understand so you
have a sense of how homeowners claims work whether you are involved in one
right now or you just want to be prepared for one in the future. We’re
going to use this infographic I’m going to explain it and go through it. If you want
to download a PDF i have that right below the video as well as a link right
here in the video that you can click and keep the PDF for the future. So it starts out with something bad
happening to your home. Maybe that’s your water heater pipe bursts and floods your
kitchen floor. Maybe that’s a fire that started because you are deep frying
turkey and it overflowed and had a fire. Whatever the claim situation is you have
damage to your house. The first thing you want to do is call
emergency services and stop the damage. So maybe thats 911. If your house is on
fire obviously you want to call 911. You want to get the fire department out
there as quickly as possible. If it’s not emergency services like 911
then you may just need to turn the main water valve off on your house.
Think right now if you know where that is and if you don’t you definitely need
to find it because when you turn that main water valve off the water
stops pouring out of whatever the situation is and no more damage happens. You may also want to call a remediation
specialist. These are people who come out They’ll usually come out 24 hours a day
and they are going to immediately begin to assess and deal with the damage that
has happened to your house. If that’s water damage, they’re gonna start putting
fans and dehumidifiers and things like that in your home. So once the imminent danger is past, you
want to stop the damage and it may be time to call a remediation specialist
who will come in and start to fix the damage. The next step is that you want to start
an insurance claim. You want to tell your insurance company that this has
happened. That means calling your insurance company or calling your
insurance agent and explaining the situation to them. They’re going to ask
you some questions, give you a claim number, and get the
process started on their side of of dealing with the claim. So step 2 –
start an insurance claim. Step 3 is you need to start fixing
the damage. So you’re going to hire contractors to fix this damage. Now
oftentimes the remediation specialist that you called at the very beginning is
also a general contractor who can continue through the process and fix all
of the damage from beginning to end. For this reason, you may decide to continue working
with your remediation folks through the process. Or, you may decide that you have
roof damage and you want to call a roofing specialists or you have plumbing
damage and you want to call plumbers or you want to call just a general
contractor who is going to come in and help you to fix the house. Obviously, if your house is completely
destroyed then you’re going to hire a general
contractor for sure who’s going to go through the process of rebuilding this
house for you. So the contractors are really the biggest part of the process
because they’re the ones that are going to be fixing your home. You know I think the key point in this
video is that your insurance company is not going to fix your house. They’re not
going to come in and nail nails and put down floors and and put a new
roof on and paint the walls. Those are contractors that are local to
your area. The insurance company supplies the money.
They’re going to be paying for whats covered. So step 3 is you’re going to need to hire the contractors to fix the damage. To review, Step 1 – you stopped everything, Step 2 – call your insurance company, Step 3 – you hired contractors. Now to Step 4: You
got to pay those contractors right? So that’s where the insurance
company comes in. Since you started the claim hopefully the folks from the
insurance company have come out, told you exactly how the process works,
began communicating with your contractors. That’s super important that
both sides are communicating with each other and eventually come to terms on
what the cost of fixing your home will be. Oftentimes the insurance company is
going to write you a check. They’re not going to write the check
directly to the contractor. They’ll write that check minus the deductible. So
if you have a thousand-dollar deductible which is super common on home owners policies then they’re going to
write a check for the cost of fixing your house minus your deductible. Now there’s all sorts
of other variables that come in here and i’m really really simplifying it but the
basic concept is the insurance company is going to pay. They’re going to write
you a check. Then you in turn are going to pay the contractors for fixing
the damage. At that point you can move on with
your life. the damage has been fixed, the issue is
resolved, and everybody moves on with their lives. So that is step 5 move on with your life! Notice in the
middle there I have you there and obviously
you’re in the middle of the situation. But if you’re with an insurance company
that is one of these big insurance companies than you
really are the one navigating it. You’re going to have to be communicating with
the insurance company, you’re going to have to be communicating with the
contractors, and this is the point where I really point out one of the
most important reasons to consider having an independent insurance agent
because through this process when you call your independent insurance
agent they’re going to help make sure that the damage is stopped at the very
beginning. They can help you make sure that you’ve turned in your claim to your
insurance company. They can recommend some contractors in town. They work with tons
of them so they’re going to know who the best contractors are to work with. They’re going to make sure that you get
the most money from your insurance company and the money you deserve. Ultimately and finally they can help you
to make sure that the work is done. So they can help you with all the stuff
going on. With other insurance companies when you go directly to the
insurance company you don’t have an advocate, a person
who’s working for you through the claims process. To me that’s the most
important thing because in the end they are going to help you to make sure that
you end up satisfied with the process. Look no one likes
claims. No one likes to experience bad things happening to their house but when
you’re done with it when you’re through it you certainly want to feel like it
went well. Having an independent insurance agent who is helping you walk
through it is is a super big deal in my opinion. Alright so let’s just go through the
five steps real quickly again. You’re going to call emergency services and
stop damage. You’re going to start the insurance
claim. You’re going to hire contractors to fix the damage. Ultimately, you will pay those
contractors and finally you’re going to move on with your life having completed
the experience and succeeded in making it as good of an experience as
it possibly can be for having a a bad thing happened to your house. Ok, that was it. If you’re interested in
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