With a high deductible health plan you may
pay a lower premium in return for having a higher deductible. Your deductible is the amount you pay out
of your own pocket for medical expenses before your insurance starts to pay. Most medical expenses like doctors’ visits,
prescriptions and x-rays count toward your deductible. Remember, you will likely pay nothing for
preventive care like annual checkups and flu shots. Some high deductible health plans come with
a health savings account, known as an HSA- which is an account you can contribute to
and withdraw money from for qualified expenses tax free. It can help pay your deductible, co-insurance
and other medical expenses like acupuncture, eye care and other qualified services that
might not be covered under your high deductible health plan. Any unused funds in the HSA rollover from
year to year. Let’s say you break your leg dancing – after
an ambulance ride, surgery and some physical therapy your bill is $7,000 dollars. If your deductible is $2,000 you will pay
$2,000 out of your own pocket before your insurance coverage pays a portion of the remaining
amount. Call the Member Customer Service # on the
back of your ID card, or ask your HR staff for more information. At Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama,
We Cover What Matters.