rev up your engines, today I’m gonna talk
about the future of pickup trucks there’s a company now called rivian
automotive they’ve had various names but their CEO has a doctorate from MIT so
the guy’s no slouch there, they ended up in Michigan in
2015 to be closer to their suppliers, and now they’re working on only electric vehicles,
now 2017 rivian bought an old Mitsubishi Factory in Normal Illinois
where they’re gonna be building these electric vehicles, now there’s some money
behind these guys, in 2017 Sumitomo a big Japanese company put an undisclosed
amount money into them to give them capital to start building stuff, one was
an electric five passenger pickup truck and the other was a seven passenger SUV,
popular things pickup truck and SUV, well this obviously impressed some people
cuz in 2019 Amazon invested 700 million dollars into this electric car
company, and then again in 2019 Ford Motor Company threw in another 500
million, now the electric pickup actual production is scheduled for the year 2020
now Amazon’s no fool of a company, bezos seems to know how to print money out and
Ford Motor Company it’s a smart move for them, because really they know pickup
trucks, hey they’re not an electric company, so it could be relatively easy
for Ford to take the rivian electric bass and then slap a Ford pickup truck
on top of it, as the saying goes, why reinvent the wheel, if you got a company
that’s building a good electric pickup truck base, and ford adds all their
stuff on top of it, to me that makes total sense, now both of the Rivian’s
vehicles use what’s called the skateboard platform, they use the same
basic battery, people can put on that skateboard assembly whatever they want
now this ribbing skateboard design each wheel has its own motor, so it can be
controlled independently which means, your not going to get stuck in the mud, each
wheel can have active management, if one slips it can get more power
to the other one,
talk about all-wheel-drive, you got a motor at each wheel you can
really control them, now they have three versions of battery packs and motors on
them, one is a hundred and five kilowatt one is a hundred and thirty five
kilowatts, and the biggest one is a hundred and eighty kilowatts it’s a lot
of power, and the most powerful one has 750 horsepower and 826 foot-pounds of
torque, I mean logically an electric motor for a pickup makes total sense,
because of electric motors have full torque all the time, as soon as you turn them
on all the power comes out, so they’d be great for hauling things in the bed and
for towing things, the big old diesel electric trains you see go down a train track
yeah they have diesel engines but they just generate electricity, and the electric
motors are what drive to trains and trains certainly can pull an awful lot
of stuff like a mile of trains can be pulled by a few engines, there’s a lot of
power in electric motors for pulling, and I know people are gonna say, yeah they
got power, but how long do they last I don’t want to pickup truck that can go
80 miles and runs out of power, well the hundred and eighty kilowatt
hour one is forecasted to have a range of 400 miles, they pull that one off
probably gonna sell quite a few of these things, and with a forecast of 0 to 60
time of acceleration in 3.2 seconds, that’s a fast pickup truck, but then I
know people are gonna say, how long does it take to charge these things up, they
claim that they can have a fast DC charger set up, that can get an 80
percent charge in just 15 minutes, hey the head of the company did graduate
from MIT it’s not the easiest school in the world, and the forecasted payload in
the bed is seventeen hundred and sixty-four pounds, so it can carry quite
a bit of weight, and the towing capacity is going to be eleven thousand pounds of
towing, so I can do some serious towing too, and as an added bonus they have what
they’re calling a frunk, it’s a trunk in the front, it doesn’t have a engine anymore
and there’s a 12 cubic foot space where the engine used to be that’s now a
trunk that you can put stuff in, a frunk, now they’re planning on having a late
2020 model which they’ll probably market as a 2021 vehicle, their not out yet but it
sure seems interesting to me, now if they can
really have a fast charger that recharges at 80 percent in 15 minutes,
that’s gonna be a big sales point for guys that want a serious pickup truck,
but I do have to wonder about one thing a lot of the weight is below the wheels
electric, batteries weigh a lot they’re really heavy, you got to put the
weight somewhere, yeah it’ll handle better was it lower, but people buy
pickup trucks to drive all over the place, and take care in Houston when
floods all the time, their always driving through
flood water, if that battery and that electronics is that low, I for one wonder
will these things be able to handle water like that, or will the electronics
short out in them, because there’s an example years ago a Mercedes Benz tried
electronic brakes on their vehicles, and they found that the brakes being at the
wheels were always getting wet, and the stupid things were getting corroded by
water, and a lot of them shorted out and guess what Mercedes did, they said forget
that and they stopped making the electric braking systems, so I do
wonder how all this electric stuff is gonna be sealed on a pickup truck, that
guys are gonna take all over the place, and hey if they’re driving them through
flood water and each wheel is a motor, and the battery’s low, it makes me kind of
wonder, I mean hey the Germans made u-boats that were basically diesel
electric that were underwater, but then again that was inside I waterproof Hull
the inner Hull was waterproof, what’s gonna happen with an electric pickup
truck with all that electronics down so low, because like anything else old
Scotty says, hey wait till something’s around a while to see what happens to it
personally I wouldn’t go jumping out and buying an electric pickup truck, only to
find out whoa, you can’t drive them in any water or all that stuff gets shorted out,
I personally would wait on it, I find it
fascinating technology, but unless I lived in Phoenix Arizona, someplace where
you don’t have to worry about water intrusion, I might think twice about
buying an electric pickup truck, so now you know a little bit more about the
future of electronic pickup trucks and only time will tell if
it’s gonna be a success, is it gonna be a failure, or is it gonna be something in
between, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos,
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