rev up your engines, people are always
asking me what kind of car should they buy and what should they avoid I help
them out with an honest opinion there are a bunch of people out there giving
such honest opinions on stuff yet people are probably following their advice so
I’m gonna warn you not to listen to a lot of them first of all what
credentials do they have I do they have ulterior motives me I’ve been fixing
cars for 51 years am i selling you something no I’m just giving out information
now you take journalists a lot of people read stuff like Motor Trend Car and
Driver that kind of stuff well I tend to take all that stuff with a large grain of
salt for example 2016 Motor Trend named the
Chevy Camaro Car of the Year they’re not even gonna be making Camaros after 2023
they’re gonna shove them in anybody who knows the quality or lack thereof of GM
vehicles would never pick a Chevy Camaro as the car of the year in 2016 there’s a
world of cars out there oh you could pick that as being the car of the year
it certainly seems like there’s uh a little underhandedness going on here
give me another example years ago I went to a Grand Prix race was sponsored by
all kinds of different stuff I was interviewed by this Mexican gentleman
who did Internet car reviews and he did it by language so he interviewed me big
mistake on his behalf they started out saying well Scotty
since all cars are so well made today and don’t break how can you make a
decision on which one to buy so I kind of glared at him and said are you
kidding me I said what about Jaguar Land Rover those things fall apart don’t tell
me they’re well made now he wasn’t a mechanic of course he was a journalist
so he can tell you how to interview me I doubt if any of it aired and after the
area’s over I said well where are you going next week and he said that well
Land Rover was flying them to like Finland and they’re gonna unveil the new
all-wheel-drive Range Rover free hotel champagne you name it do you
really think these people are gonna give you honest reviews of anything if
they’re like me and told you the truth about half the stuff they would never
have any cars left to review the companies would never fight them to any
of these things anymore hey it’s happened to me in the past I used to go
to these dog and pony shows I would always ask incisive questions
when everybody was gone I laid back and then went up to the engineers and asked
him questions so when I said okay does the racing gas contain any ethanol he
said no I said well the ones at the pump had 10% ethanol so right off the bat it
can’t be 99% the same because 10% of the other ones ethanol you don’t have any
so he just smiled I said what you’re going by ingredients but not percentage
of ingredients huh and he smiled again so I said okay I’m gonna play devil’s advocate
so let’s say I got a can of coke here I put one drop of your racing fuel in it
then you can say that that racing fuel is 99% the same just because it’s coke
with one drop of gas and he said well if you go by the ingredients and not the
percentage of the ingredients yes you can say that so a lot of it smoking
mirrors I remember when I once I was at the Indianapolis 500 I was talking to
the competitors who had sent me there the competitors were Mobil 1 and the
Mobil 1 guy says don’t tell me those guys are telling you it’s the same oil
that we using the races they use in cars and even he had Mobil 1 admitted he said
our oils different that we’re using the race cars enemy but it’s a PR game the
guys play now needless to say I never get reinvented by these companies to
come back because they don’t like someone asking incisive questions
sometimes they don’t even allow you to ask questions but I always find a way to
ask real questions from the real engineers so when you see a bunch of
journalists or other car talk guys all meeting together somewhere I take with a
big giant grain of salt anything that they’re telling you about just about
anything from cars to car products especially when they have to say this
was sponsored by blah blah blah now don’t get me wrong I really like talking
to the engineers the people are designed and tossed off I find it fascinating but
most of these companies they don’t allow people they ask
really incisive questions they put on a dog and pony show for the people who
merrily go along eating and drinking and being entertained then maybe giving away
freebies to people you know free gasoline vouchers whatever you know it’s
a PR scam for the corporations it’s not real information let’s face it if you’re
going to spend a ton of money on a car you want it to last as long as possible
to have the least maintenance possible and to hold up over years and years so
you get your money’s worth which of course is going against the planned
obsolescence theory that modern capitalism is into so these corporations
are trying to make something that’s planned obsolescence and you want to buy
something that isn’t so don’t think they’re not gonna pay people to say how
great things are they may not be so great no I love talking to engineers who
design stuff come up with interesting ideas they’re still set somewhere unless
they’re an independent engineer and aren’t too many of them they’re working
for corporation corporation pretty much tells them how much they want to spend
what they want to design and they got to build it within those specifications
take that newer infinity variable compression engine that has different
compression ratios crank shafts and piston rods with cantilever systems so
the actual compression ratio inside the cylinders can be modified as you’re
driving brilliant engineering feat buy really infinity is owned by Nissan they’re not
known for making things that hold up over time anymore
so you buy some complex design like that it can easily fall apart and you’re
stuck with paying the bill now of course the engineers will often count the stuff
yeah it’s great for them because they design that keeps them in a job but hey
there are mechanics they’re not actually going out and fixing these things and
seeing how they break down how expensive they are or how unreliable they are so
you really can’t believe what a lot of those people gonna be telling you and
when it comes to people that are doing car reviews on cars if they’re not a
mechanic that’s been doing it for quite some time they have no idea what lasts
what doesn’t last you know they’re in the same boat as any journalist if they
keep knocking a particular type then that company’s no longer gonna give them
cars to review don’t just say oh that guy thinks our cars stink so we’ll never
invite him again I was skimming through the internet the other day
I found a car site and a hand reviews of 12 different cars and they were all
glowing reviews didn’t say anything bad about any of them you know I mean you
can tell that’s tough it’s just being either paid for or they’re just
lavishing praise and hope that they’ll get paid later on now unless you’re
going by pur cosmetics when you buy a car how it looks and all little dials
and heads and all the electronic crap that it can do that’s not a review you
want to put any faith in when you want to buy a car it’s going to last a long time
and not bankrupt you in repairs when it gets to have a hundred thousand miles
there be six seven years old now I have to say I’m in kind of a unique position
here I’ve gotten almost 700 million YouTube views telling people the truth
about cars because people want to hear the truth I tell them the truth I don’t
have to take sponsors paying me money to pay my bills I can be honest a rarity
you somebody can actually tell the truth to people I make money at the same time
and I’m believing that crap anyways I think we’re here to help people out
don’t get involved in selling a bunch of crap to people just because you’re
getting paid on the back end we’re talking about a huge chunk of your money
buying a car you don’t want to waste that money get the wrong vehicle because
you take advice from somebody who’s either on a paola line or just flat
doesn’t know what the heck they’re talking about take what people say on
the internet and in print and on TV with a large grain of salt when they’re
talking about what car you should buy and how good certain models are so if
you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos, remember to ring
that Bell