The year has flown by so quickly.
We’ve had a lot of memorable firsts. A year ago, we didn’t even know we were
going to be parents. We got a call on February 25.
We had a baby. We had no plan, didn’t know she was coming.
The second we held her I knew… …that she was ours.
Everything I think in our lives including the little girl has been meant to be.
Our little girl is us. A little version of us.
And everyone that came before us. She’s named after my grandfather and her
middle name is Andrew’s grandmother’s. And she plays on my mother’s piano.
And she carries both our last names. It is this meant to be for our family.
We’re very lucky to have a multigenerational atmosphere for this little girl.
Celebrating the holidays with family, I think it’s brought everyone closer.
Every day is full of firsts with her. We don’t really know what is going to happen
when we wake up. We just know that something amazing is going
to happen that day. Every day is a new adventure.
Then there’s nothing that beats something like this…
…which is the first time that she falls asleep in your arms.
It’s so awesome because you know that she knows…
…that we’re her dads. Within our lifetime, we have gotten married
and had a child. Twenty years ago, that wouldn’t have happened.
So, my hope is that she does not face the same obstacles that we did.
But I’m not wishing her no obstacles. Just ones that will make her equally as strong.
But it’s the first times and the moments we spend as family that have been the best
over the last year.