>>Eric: It’s us again – Eric and Lauren – and we’re here to tell you the basics about deductibles.>>Lauren: So what is the deductible?>>Eric: That’s a great question. Think of a deductible like a bucket.>>Lauren: A bucket, Eric?>>Eric: That’s right, a bucket, and you have to fill that bucket before your health plan pays for certain services, such as hospital stays or surgery. For example, if your deductible is a thousand dollars, you need to spend a thousand dollars of your own money to fill the bucket. Once you bucket is full, your health plan starts paying the way services are listed on your benefits summary.>>Lauren: Do all services fall into this bucket?>>Eric: No. Some services are covered right from the get-go, and you don’t need to worry about the deductible bucket. For example, most preventive services, such as women’s exams or immunizations, are completely covered.>>Lauren: How will I know which services are subject to my deductible?>>Eric: Your benefits summary will tell you which services are subject to your deductible and which ones aren’t.>>Lauren: Is there a way to find out how full my bucket is at any given time?>>Eric: Absolutely. Contact your health plan’s customer service department for deductible information. If you’re a PacificSource member, visit PacificSource.com/members, And log into InTouch to find out more information about your deductible. Or contact customer service by phone or email.>>Lauren: I love it when I can look things up online, instead of making a phone call. That’s great.>> Eric: Totally great. Thanks for watching! [Music]>>Lauren: Do all services fall into the bucket?>>Eric: No. [Laughter]