Hello my name is Vic Schumacher. The company
is HPE Financial Services. For those people who are interested in turning and learning
how to pass a health insurance or a life insurance exam, my suggestion to you is contact the
state where you live. Have them send to you a study manual and it goes through everything
that you want to know and many things that you don’t need to know about health insurance
and life insurance and histories and things of this nature. You can also go online if
you can through a computer you’re familiar with, go online and go to health insurance
study courses. Many companies offer a study course that you can attend on a five day a
week basis. They go through everything that you need to know. They tell you exactly what
is going to be on the exam, how to study for it and they give practical applications. It’s
a full forty, fifty hours for the entire week and it will prepare you. Those types of courses
normally cost about $125.00. The study exam itself, the manual will cost about $35.00.
So you’ve got about $150.00-$160.00 invested in how to take this exam. When you take the
exam, if you don’t pass it you can take it again, but it is well worth it to have a study
course to go by and practical experience as you go into the exam. My name is Vic Schumacher;
the company is HPE Financial Services, helping people everyday.