Has MetLife Denied your Long Term Disability Insurance Claim? Hi, I’m Marc Whitehead a Board Certified Disability Insurance Lawyer Founded over 104 years ago, today Metropolitan Life Insurance Company or MetLife is a global leader in the insurance industry. They sell an expansive insurance products including disability dental, auto, home and long term care insurance. MetLife sells insurance policies that individuals may purchase privately To employers MetLife provides short term and long term
group disability insurance for employee benefits MetLife also acts as the administrator of group disability insurance plans. Here’s the key point to know as a
service of their group disability plans MetLife acts as both the evaluater of the claim
and and the payer of the claim This dual Role can create serious conflicts of interest Such a conflict may serve in the best interest of
the insurance company and not the disabled claimant. It’s common for insurance companies to both determine and pay insurance claims. MetLife disability claims denials involving group disability plans are governed
under a federal law known as ERISA. Most attorneys are not familiar with the nuances of ERISA governed claims Under ERISA a claimants rights are limited. courts are confined by law to follow specific standards of review. a court may consider a conflict of interest
as a factor of a case However, most often the presence of a conflict does not effect the outcome. What this means is that a court will normally uphold a denial of benefits unless the court finds that the administrator or the insurance company abused its discretion. Changes to ERISA law are rear, however the supreme court case in which MetLife denied a claim for
long term disability required a court to scrutinize MetLifes role as both the evaluator and payer of the claim. In the case of Matropolitan Life versus Glenn the Supreme court went beyond the normal considerations of conflicts of interest and and came to a result in favor of the disabled claimant. The Court concluded that MetLife had a conflict
of interest since MetLife decided both decides the claim and pays the claim. The Court ruled that MetLife had abused it’s discretion in and ordered that Glenns benefits be paid by MetLife. The Court also factored in other serious concerns including MetLife’s failure to consider the Social Securities Administrations Determination that Glenn was totally disabled. The Courts overturning the MetLife disability claim denial in this case may improve the standard of review for disability claims. and positively effect the future of ERISA litigation With or without the new supreme court decision
an in depth understanding of ERISA law and of the insurance industry is paramount when dealing
with an unfair disability claims denial. at Marc Whitehead and Associates we are changing our clients lives. our approach to this decision and how we will
continue to help our disabled clients is solidly based on our knowledge of ERISA law Consult with us about your MetLife disability claims denial This topic is discussed more in my free Ebook: Long Term Disability Insurance Policies: How to Unravel the Mystery and Prove your Claim Visit www.disabilitydenials.com for a free downloadable copy or call Or call 1-800-562-9830 to discuss your particular disability insurance issue. I’m Marc Whitehead, thanks for watching!