This business is my passion. It is my baby. Our main goal here at the brewery
is to develop and make fine craft beers. We have Red Truck Lager, Red Truck Ale
and Red Truck IPA – our classic brands. At our previous brewery,
from which we were selling draught only, we had been at capacity
for the last three years. Our capacity at that small brewery
was 360,000 litres per year. Our new brewery gives us the opportunity
to do bottles, cans and more draught. Our first capacity level here today
is at 2.5 million litres per year, with the capacity of phase two and phase
three to go over 10 million litres. We were approached by the customer. They had come to us with the vision of opening a large-scale brewery
in Vancouver. HSBC provided a $4.5 million financing programme for Red Truck and a $4 million lease facility to allow them
to bring in equipment internationally from Italy and from Germany. As the equipment
was priced in eurodollars, HSBC also provided a foreign exchange
hedging facility for them as well. Going through the exercise with HSBC made us really look carefully
at our business plan and really analyse and develop
that plan much more thoroughly than we would have done otherwise. This customer has been involved
in various businesses over their 35-year history with HSBC. They have been producing
at a smaller scale. Yes, it is a bit of a risk for the bank because obviously any time
somebody sees growth from a small area, when you are looking at tripling
or beyond in terms of revenues, there is a risk. However, we have had experience with our
customer and they have always delivered. So how come when the first boxes
come down they are flipping over? It is reassuring to know
that after this long-term relationship that the bank
still has confidence in my abilities to execute on a game plan and a vision and they trust
that I’m looking after their money, their shareholders’
and their investors’ money. I’m extremely proud to assist
with growing a customer’s business from a quite small
into hopefully a national or potentially an international brand.