In college I was a finance and marketing
major. I was a biology major in college. I was a history major and I never thought that I would be working in
insurance. We go by the golden rule and we treat our customers, our employees, we treat each other the way we would want to be treated. We do believe that we’re the top insurance carrier out there. We also know that we can be always better, and that challenge is what keeps us on top. An account manager is responsible for a team of representatives working with a group of people to make
sure that they’re during the sales and service calls. So, a lot of the job focuses on coaching and mentoring them to perform to the best of their abilities. There’s underwriting aspects of the job as well, we’re evaluating risk, analyzing applications, homeowners
inspections, to identify which business is most
profitable for Amica to place on it’s books. So, the associate account manager position is an entry-level management position and you will be getting that management
experience right out of college. You’re going to go through training,
you’re going to be sent to a branch and ultimately get a team of sales
representatives and gain that management experience right off the bat. It is important to me to work for a company that gives back to the community and cares. It tells you how special this company really is. I knew nothing about insurance, I couldn’t tell you the definition of a coverage of how any of it worked. That seven-week training program that we go through, teaches you those fundamentals, teaches you the basics. You honestly wouldn’t believe the types of friendships that come out of this training program. They study together, they work together, they have fun together, they go on trips
together, you do all this in a seven-week period and it really forms tight bonds
between people that they can carry with them throughout
their career. When I left the seven-week training program, I went to Hartford, Connecticut, which has
my first branch and subsequently went to Raleigh, North
Carolina, Portland, Oregon, Phoenix, Arizona and then now here at home office in Lincoln, Rhode Island. The promote from within culture is one of the greatest things about Amica.
I am so proud to be part of this company because as
an associate account manager trainee and through my journey, I have been constantly motivated by my
supervisors, by upper management.. Every single one of my supervisors that I’ve worked with along the way, have helped me become a much stronger manager. There are no two paths that are the same here at Amica, everyone has their own journey to take and everyone is completely supportive
throughout the entire process. The opportunities here have been endless for me and I just can’t wait to see where I’m gonna go next. I love my job. Everyday.