For today’s video you will be
reacting to sad Thai commercials Have you ever watched one of them? Of course, it’s very famous you know in China Uhh… no, I just watched the
funny Thai version last time but now sad – So let’s start
– Okay Someone… no no I thought someone pees on him That’s smart. Some draining water
just put under some plants He helps everyone who needs help,
on the road, on the way to work maybe For education He gives everything he has always, I see He’s doing like all the nice stuff and
people think like he’s naive So the other people are like “ahh… you shouldn’t do that
it’s not your responsibility” or something and they won’t take your money to have…
you know like an opportunity for future He gets nothing. That’s it, that’s life Yeah, when he’s doing this. He didn’t get any benefits and no one will care about his life actually But the thing is that
he really helps a lot of people, you see? Oh my god. It’s so touching and the smile from the kid… So she actually went to school So cute Okay, so it was like life insurance commercial right? So I didn’t expect it to be a life insurance
commercial but overall the video itself… is like, so like, you know touching you right in the heart
because we like in 21st century we go for money or to… if we do something
we’re doing it to get some things back But all he had he shared with the others and that made him happy So it was like very beautiful like, I felt like there was a
moment while I’ve been watching and I feel like… I got like some tears going on in my eyes.
Let’s see the other one Oh, I’ve seen that one, I’ve seen it it It was so popular all over the internet
like a couple years ago, even here was it medicine that he stolen, ok I see I remembered it Wait… that’s soup in plastic bag? After 30 years… Ahh… he always help people Oh my gosh It’s so expensive treatment, medical treatment That’s definitely more sad now yeah I think it’s really big amount and they can’t afford it Now they need to sell the restaurant Ahhh… I guess it’s the kid, oh yeah Ahhh… so he paid for, I see He became a doctor and he paid for it The little boy that they helped like 30 years ago Giving is the best communication That’s true Can I have a tissue? So he helped that kid and that kid
was his doctor later on and he saved him Yeah that’s a good message I don’t see why it’s… why it’s advertisement for like
communication service but yeah it’s good It’s really really beautiful, it is like to remember like somebody helped you and then you’re giving like all the good
from your heart to everyone around you I have some tears in my eyes Why? He’s bringing you to school Oh okay that’s why You know, that’s so bad to do these things in school but it’s not his fault he’s deaf Oh my god I can’t imagine like a deaf people… They really want to express their emotions and words
but they can’t say anything. It’s so hard for them Have she done something to herself? Oh… Every parents are the same they want you
to be happy and achieve your dreams even if they can’t speak That’s pretty sad yeah That was heart touching as well That was really sad so um… that one was really sad pretty dramatic escalated quickly but still in my head you know like… sad Wow… like, it was just commercial and even thinking
and realizing all about your own life and he loved her so much like he
tried… he loved her so much like
he gave her back his own life… and after he did that then she realized and
understood how much he loves her We should remember from all that like
our parents always love us a lot So I think from the three advertisements I’ve watched It was like really so touching and I feel…
especially the last one you know the deaf father I feel my parents are the same
especially after I came abroad to study and regularly every year
I can see them just once a year and I really appreciate they gave me a life
and supported me to study abroad and to get more experience and you know
travel and study and meet new friends I really miss them and I’m more cherished
the time when I come back to China to spend the summer holiday like three months I really… I even want to cook for them like even the meals or I want to do
many housework for them because I feel like they’re very tired and they
miss me so much but they didn’t say anything because they don’t want me to be worried So really, be appreciate of your life
and love your parents and respect them and… we also need to be a good parents
in the future. Yeah that’s all