– What’s going on guys? Fuller here from CUSTOM OFFSETS CUSTOM OFFSETS TV on YouTube with Sean from BRANDED TITLE who you probably haven’t heard of but he was on our “10
Types of Truck Guys” video so we brought him back because we had to show off his beard. Now before we get into this we’re gonna be rating trucks
on a scale of one to 10 but earlier you asked me if
you could rate them all a one. – I didn’t know you were gonna
tell everybody about that. – I am, I just did. – All right that’s how we’re doing this. Got it. – So Sean is not a truck guy which is always entertaining
I feel like to bring on and let you rate people’s trucks just don’t hurt anybody’s feelings. – I won’t try. – So we’re gonna kick things off I can just I’m picturing
what’s happening right now. – Yeah you can feel it, can’t you? – 2014 F-150 TAS 544RMs 22×14 negative 76
offset, of course on fury Country Hunter MTs 33 over 12 and a halves on a leveling kit. So we got a whole bunch of charcoal gray with a whole bunch of
bright red coming at you. After market grill, blacked out tail lights, it’s a platy. I’d do like platinums you
can’t go wrong with platinums. – I do too, I have a soft spot for ’em. The projectors really tie it up nice. You can’t not get the projectors. – Yeah, and you can get
the black housing ones. Ah that’s sick. Some like chrome trim. I don’t know if that’s OAM
on the side there or not I don’t remember what those – [Sean] I don’t believe so. – [Fuller] But it’s a
platinum so then again maybe, maybe it was. – [Sean] Is it real platinum? – Good question. We’ll have to call up Ford, call my guy. All right so take a look at
it get a number in your head. You got one? – I think I got one. – Stop. Three, Two, One – Four.
– Seven. – Okay, not a one. – It’s not a one. – I was a seven. I do like the overall look of
the truck, I like red wheels but I don’t know if I like
it in this combination. Because now we have gray,
chrome, silver trim, black, and red. There’s a lot of colors going on and the red’s really bright but I think it might
stand out a bit too much. – [Sean] That’s kinda where I’m at. It’s a little all over the place. The tail lights are literally black. – [Fuller] Looks like nightshades. – [Sean] Right next to the light
platinum thing on the back. The red’s a little out there
for the gray of the truck without having a lot of it anywhere else besides in the weird grill
with rivets on it, I guess. – [Fuller] Car guy’s picking on rivets. – [Sean] Would that be
a crew cab or a double? – [Fuller] Yeah it’s a crew cab. – The crew cab with the longer
box and how long the truck is I don’t know if it’s
tall enough to pull off that aggressive of a wheel tire combo. – Sure yeah, maybe if you had
it lifted a little bit higher with bigger tires then it
would look more proportionate. Right now it’s like low,
long, and then wide. So you got like many dimensions going on. 2013 Toyota Tacoma, specialty
forge, SF035s, 24x14s again on some theories,
33 over 14 and a halves and an eight inch pro comp. Probably just the eight
inch pro comp in the front. – [Sean] Yeah, looks like it, right? – [Fuller] Based on how
much living out here. Tons of after-market. Those headlights look like
they’re probably custom built, tint, decals, suspension
appears to be powder-coated. He’s got a custom grill, fender flairs. Hey you guys just bought a
Tacoma that looks just like this. – [Sean] Yeah, it’s white, it’s tall it’s not quite that aggressive. – [Fuller] It’s not quite squatted though. – [Sean] I like this one. – [Fuller] Really? – I think that looks really,
really cool, actually. It’s offensive, it’s big, it’s loud. – [Fuller] Yeah, it’s got specialty forge, which is some of the most
insane wheels on the market. These are the one piece
of aluminum polished to a mirror-like finish
like we talked bout before. – [Sean] Okay, weird. – [Fuller] Yeah. Slick though, and good photos. I love to see people add
their trucks to the photos. – [Sean] I think that helps. – Yeah. Oh he’s got inch and a half
wheel spacers, front and rear. In case that changes anything about it. Alright, number? Got her? – Got it. – Okay. Three, two, one… – Eight.
– Eight. – Oh snap. – Yes – All right. – Probably for different
reasons, well maybe the same. I don’t know. I would like to see it sit
level, not so much squat. I also really have a
soft spot in my heart for Pre-runner Tacomas or an Overland Tacoma So seeing one like this
is not my cup of tea but at the same time, it’s clean. – [Sean] It is. – [Fuller] So, I mean I can’t argue. – [Sean] For being untasteful,
it’s really tasteful. That makes zero sense,
but that’s how I feel. – [Fuller] It’s definitely a
very show-worthy type vehicle. – The headlights are a little busy for me. Same with the grill, but I think it works with the whole package with
the squat and everything. It’s kind of supposed to be like that. – Yeah, I mean the whole
truck is like, “Look at me”. So, if you’re going to go with it… – It definitely achieves that goal. Hopefully, that’s what he was goin’ for. – 2017 F-250 Super Duty. Wow, this, I really like. Arkon crown series victories, 26x14s, Fury Country Hunters 38×15 and a halves. Got some wide boys on
there, on a six inch zone. Look at these headlights. – [Sean] That looks insane. – [Fuller] What color is this? It’s like a sort of a tan? I kind of like it. American flag decal in the back. Looks like after market tail lights Big ol’ dual exhaust. I’m assuming this is a power stroke, just based on the stickers on the side, and I think these headlights
must be custom done too, cause they look painted to match. They look a lot like
the Morimoto headlights but I don’t know if they are or not. – [Sean] Do they get the Ford
projector things like that? Are those LED? Is that what that is? – The Morimoto ones, they’re
like, they’re insane. This thing is pretty slick, and really, wheels, tires, suspension, and then some decals, headlights, tail lights, exhaust work, a lot of time to look absolutely insane. – Yeah. – I like this truck a lot. – I like it too. – Alright, got a number? – Yeah. – You can do halves also,
just figured I’d let you know. – Okay. – Three, two, one. – Nine and a half
– Eight and a half – Of course we both do one. – Man. – So, I really would, I
would do a ten on this truck if it didn’t have the dual exhaust. For some reason, on a diesel,
I don’t like the dual exhaust. I don’t know, they’re also massive tips. I think I would go with
something a little more modest. – [Sean] Yeah, I agree. – [Fuller] But, overall the
truck looks absolutely killer. Like, I would definitely
drive this, hands down. – [Sean] Oh I would too, that thing looks just absolutely insane.
It’s super aggressive it’s super big, super wide. – [Fuller] Yeah, it’s just like… – [Sean] The colors pull off really well, it looks like the emblem on the back and stuff and the headlights are all painted to match, just really clean kind of kept it understated
even though it’s got gigantic wheels and a huge lift. – It’s like getting all
those small details done just brings everything together. I would get on board with
that, that’s for sure. Another F-250, Specialty
Forged wheels this time. 26×16, 40×15 and a half
inch tires, 12 inch BDS. – [Sean] Did you say 26×16? – [Fuller] Hell yeah. – [Sean] 16 wide? – [Fuller] Yeah. – [Sean] That’s a thing? I didn’t know that was an option. – [Fuller] He’s got an right inch BDS kit that he basically took
apart and then made it stretch to 12 inches with the coil overs. – [Sean] What? – [Fuller] See like these
are the OEM headlights and they’ve got like, two projectors. But, Morimoto says, I’ll give
you all of the projectors. A little bit of squat. He’s got, I don’t know, what color would you call that? It’s sort of bronzey, sort of gold. – [Sean] Gold bronze? – [Fuller] It’s gold and bronze. The rest of the truck really
though, as far as body-wise, stock tail lights, stock headlights, you’ve got the mirror
caps painted to match. It’s got a sick beach photo. A couple of LED lights underneath there. – [Sean] Where’s the beach, bud? – [Fuller] It’s water, I mean… – [Sean] No. – [Fuller] I’m gonna call it a beach. – [Sean] Sorry. (laughter) – Maybe it’s just flooded. No spacers, all right. Okay, got a number for it? – Got it. – All right, three, two, one. – Seven
– Nine. – What? – Yes. – Seven? – So, which I feel bad saying,
but you spend all that money on Specialty Forge wheels
and have this massive truck, Bbut, when I just look
at it, nothing is like, really jumping out at me. I don’t know if it’s because he doesn’t have the center caps on in these photos. Maybe that’s throwing me off but I don’t know, I don’t know. – [Sean] I get where you’re
coming from, where it’s not… He didn’t make it personalized, he just kind of threw some stuff on there and called it a day. But, I kind of like
the simplicity of that. – [Fuller] I guess. I’m sure he obviously
had a thought process going through this and the
suspension is power-coated so he thought it through
and he took apart a lift kit to make it larger, but
it’s just when I look at this one compared to the last one we saw I saw the last one and I was
like, “Yup, I like that.” I saw this one, and I had
to keep looking to find exactly what I liked about it. I’m surprised you said nine. For a guy that says he’s going to give every truck a one. – [Sean] And maybe that’s
just cause it doesn’t have all of the typical truck stuff done to it. Maybe that’s what’s kind of… Are the cab lights factory? – [Fuller] Yeah, you can order
then with the cab lights. – [Sean] Okay, interesting. – I don’t know what package
it came with, obviously, but, you can get them with
the cab lights or without. Some people put them in
after market with like Recon stuff like that. Well, that’s it. You made it through, and I don’t think you
made anybody too mad. I probably made somebody mad. – Did I give that one guy a four. – Well. – He’s gonna be pretty mad. – We explained it, we covered it. If you guys want to add
your vehicle to the gallery to have it rated, you can do
so at CUSTOMOFFSETS.COM/ADD That’s how we get them all in here. If you don’t how what the gallery is that’s how we figure out
what fits your vehicles and you can actually just go on and enter year, make, model and
then see all that stuff. So, that’s the plug for you at the end. That’s Sean from BRANDED TITLE CO. I’m Fuller from CUSTOM OFFSETS Have a good night. – Goodbye. – I signed it off like the news. – Close, hands. – And that’s the way the cookie crumbles. (laughter)