– Something is wrong.
– Damn, something is not right. We must check it, because in my opinion something is broken. – It was knocking, hitting…
– I think, that rim is broken. Look! Look! There it is. It’s bent here, and here. – Soo, what we gonna do?
– I don’t know… Hey! Maybe we can print this? Hmm, maybe? I have an idea! We will print this on 3D printer! – OK!
– OK! Let’s go printing. As you saw, we have damaged rim in our Vectra so our plan was to print it on Urbicum printer because we printed it on Urbicum printer using filaments F3DFilament Discrete product placement… Maybe you are thinking, why there are two pieces because plastic is soft and if we put that rim on mounting machine for tires, our rim probably would be squashed. Anyway, plan is, we have here holes, 16 holes, we are going to screw this toghether on a tire after that, we have holes to mount this to the car, we are going to install this, and let’s go. And we will see if it’s working. Firstly, we are putting inner tube… We decided to use inner tube, because it is in two pieces, so probably air will be letting out, so… Other way? All pieces were printed on printer Urbicum GX Rim was printed in PLA, whole printing took 40 hours using 0,8 mm nozzle, in effective speed 158 mm/s accelerating to 5000mm/s^2 Interesting facts, printer was using 3 kg of material during 24 hours and both parts are weighing about 5,5 kg in total. So, our tire is now ready… we are taking it, and we will mount it to our precius vehicle. Yea, I will also install working Toyota engine. Yep, we will also take this working engine, we will see if it will be working, because it’s Opel, different technology. By the way, selling Opel! Unfortunately rim was designed for other car, where is other brake drum, that’s why it’s not fitting here well, so we decided to mount it opposite way. – Okay, so here we go…
– But wait! Remember to take working Toyota engine! I know Marcin, I know how he is driving, so safety won’t hurt. Seatbelts We can see, that rim survived normal driving, without any problem, so it’s time for more serious tests.
Normal tests. – Here we go!
– Check seatbelts! Rim survived, so plan is, we will change it to front, there is engine, more load. We will try this way to destroy our rim. If not, we have something else for later. After long thought we cannot mount this to front, because, unfortunately, we have breaks. This is a little inconvenience in this situation, because it’s to shallow and break is
incommodating with screws. So, tire is going back to rear. This will be probably the final test Rim is still not touched. We went a bit overboard there. Nothing, nothing happend. To sum up… *swears* Rim, printed even in PLA, is great spare tyre, not only spare tyre, normal either. There is nothing we can do. – There is no way we can break this.
– No way. – What else can we do?
– Nothing, nothing… it’s end, we should sum it up, and that’s all. Our rim survived all our PROFFESSIONAL tests. It will be great to test this at higher speed: 100, 120, 140 km/h That rim is not as resistant to temperature as steel rim. At higher speed maybe screws will be heating to much and it will melt plastic, I don’t know . It will be nice to test this. Anyway it shows, that 3D printing can be used not only for tiny figures, but for something useful. For example this rim is one kilo lighter than the same wheel with steel rim. More about whole project you can find in article on our website, link in description. I turn you on to subscribe our channel. This is the first episode from series “Extreme 3D Print”. We have some ideas. If you have an idea how to use 3D printing in extreme conditions like printed rim, tell us, maybe we will do this.
See you later!