Hi there, my name’s Jason Perkins and I’d
like to welcome you to another episode in my Georgia Workers’ Compensation video series. I’m a workers’ compensation attorney that
specializes in Georgia Workers’ Compensation law and I created this series to provide you
with helpful information about the rules of Georgia Workers’ compensation law and the
benefits available to you under it. Today I want to talk to you about a question
I get asked by a lot of my workers’ compensation clients. That question is: do they have to quit their
job and agree not to work for the employer in the future if they’re going to settle
their workers’ compensation case? Well, Georgia law does not require that this
be a part of workers’ compensation settlement. In other words, there is no specific rule
or law that says you have to give up your job as part of settlement. However, this does happen a lot because employers
and insurance companies will often require it as part of the settlement. One important thing to remember about settlement
is you don’t have to settle you workers’ compensation case, but your employer and the
insurance company don’t have to settle your workers’ compensation case either. So they can make certain things a condition
of any agreement to settlement just like you can do the same thing potentially. The settlement is only going to happen if
you and the insurance company agree to the terms. So if the employer and the insurance companies
require that you resign your job as part of settlement and agree not to re-apply to that
employer in the future, then your case is not going to settle unless you agree to those
terms. So this is how this issue comes up. But again, it’s not a requirement necessarily
of settlement. If your employer and the insurance company
are willing to agree to settle your workers’ compensation case without you giving up your
job, then you can certainly move forward with doing that and that’ll be fine. The issue only comes up when your employer
and insurance company are going to require it, which unfortunately they often do. I hope you found this information about settlement
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