Hey guys welcome back according to Limitless Detailing. According to the owner a horse trainer, he used this Ford F-150 for light duty on his farm. And boy did this thing have sand. Stay tuned to see how we remove all the sand, light pet hair and bring this beauty back to life. If you haven’t already make sure to hit
like subscribe and turn on the bell notifications for weekly updates. And if you guys want daily content make sure to follow us on Instagram. If you guys are interested in the items and products we use we will have them listed in the description. In every detail the first thing you want to do is remove all the big bulky items. The owner of the vehicle told us that everything that hadn’t been removed was trash making it easier for us to take everything out once all the
big items were out of the vehicle we decided to give a thorough vacuum now
there was a lot of sand here so we wanted to make sure we sucked up as much
as we could before we brought in the big boys. We uses the combination of our drill
brush attachment and our Torndador with air pressure to remove as much of these
particles as we could. No doubt sand will test your patience
stay tuned until the very end to see how this turned out. We would normally use a designated pet hair removal tool but because we were using a Tornador it made
it easy to remove all the pet hair. The back part of the vehicle was covered
by a big rubber mat this help protect the carpet from stains but somehow
debris got underneath here we used our Tornador our vacuum and our hard
bristle brush to make ease of all this debris. inn the next couple of Clips you’ll see
us use our Tornador with our all-purpose cleaner you’ll see that we
switch between all-purpose cleaner and just air pressure to help clean once all
the plastics are clean we made sure to UV protect The leather seats on this vehicle was
actually in very good condition so we decided to go with an APC and a wipe
down. Once leather seats are cleaned dried
and conditioned we moved on to the extraction. We gave the front two carpets three
passes and the back only one. Now who wants some light farm duty chocolate
milk For those wondering there’s an actual
sewage drain there that water behind near the wheel is from waterfall many
have asked us how we clean the door jambs and this is it using our favorite
tool the Tornador. One of the more trickier things to do
when detailing the interior of a vehicle is bringing these car mats back to life
here we’ll show you a sneak peek at our upcoming video of how to restore these
mats. Here it is guys the end result, with
about seven hours for the interior alone I think she looks amazing. Thank you guys for watching and hope you
guys enjoyed don’t forget to Like subscribe and turn on bell notifications
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