UM / UIM Insurance Claims Bicycle claims are tricky for a number
of reasons The injuries can be quite severe Secondly the insurance companies from our experience always try to put a little bit of fault on the maybe more than just a little bit on the
bicycle rider himself so these are really tricky claims that you need to some solid legal representation. on your side Making a statement to the insurance companies. This goes for all cases as well but especially for bicycle and pedestrian cases. claims adjuster without legal representation can be fatal to your case. The first line of defense is getting
the car drivers information get the police report first of if you can The fact of the matter is a lot of people drive around with no insurance. It maybe their fault for hitting you
with him i dont no stop There in a big suv they got the music blaring kids blaring the sideswipe you and they might not even know it. in that case if you have UM UIM insurance You can be covered You can have a claim for your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. all through your own car insurance policy and she told me that she had been hit in a crosswalk A hit and run driver basically he drove off. months before and she had no idea that
she possibly had a claim I started asking her what kind of car insurance she had did she own a car yes she did did she have insurance on that car yes she did can you go get the paperwork do you have whats called UM / UIM Insurance She did now that covers you as a pedestrian even a bicyclist if your hit by a car That claim where she had no idea ended up being a nice settlement for her. And we also settled the wax case as well luckily her hand wasnt burn that badly so it ended up being The claim she was calling in about ended up being the smaller claim of the two but a huge surprise and a pleasant surprise that she had no idea about. Scranton Law Firm The Accident Attorneys