When Carl Benz invented the automobile, he foresaw a world market for
no more than 5,000 vehicles. Just on account of the shortage
of chauffeurs alone. Today more than a billion cars,
trucks and buses are on the road. That number could rise to two billion
as early as 2030. What does this mean for us? We are already a global mobility provider – today. We continue to build fascinating cars
and nonetheless, we’ll help you buy a ticket for the train. We do not want to stand still and will lead the way with
the highest of aspirations. We want less and want more. We give our all. For perfection down to the last seam – to the last byte. We move big things. And, of course, small things. We think of a personal car. And we think of no personal car. We love to share… but we share far from everything. We love this sound and also like it quiet. “Hey Mercedes…” “Yes, please.” “Take us to the airport!” “The route is being calculated.” We are setting new goals for ourselves. We think further ahead – far beyond cars! We are on the move for you. We make it easier for everybody – and we make complex logistics more efficient. We want safety and want freedom. We want to drive ourselves and want to be driven. We love tradition and live for progress. We reinvent mobility. Every day. With all 285,000 of our colleagues. Carl Benz also said: “The love of inventing never dies.”