Trevor: Everybody is like, “Oh how many miles a gallon? And how slow is it? Bla bla bla,” I’m like, “You know what? How fast is your house?” Trevor: Check, check, check, all right, here we go. This might look like a military vehicle but is actually so much more. Trevor: Together we’ve built our own m1078. We’ve named Wazimu. Owners Trevor and Courtney have customised this purpose built army truck into their very own mobile home. And what’s more, the couple did it on a tight budget. Trevor: We did our entire build for 37,000$ that did include the purchase of the truck. We got it at an auction out of Daytona so 37,000$ later this is what we have. instead of taking our time to make the absolutely perfect vehicle from the very beginning we just did it. Got on the road. This used to be our generator sat, which is now back here, updated our entire solar system with lithium batteries. We went from good air conditioning, good heat for about six hours depending on the heat outside to we have it for days. Having a truck built for extreme purposes, has some unusual advantages. Trevor: Now this truck is designed to be able to handle up to four feet of water. We’ve done about three feet. I had no problems. So that actually is our cross through. So while I’m driving, Courtney and the boys can jump on
through, no big deal. And on the other side of that hole, the truck’s original army features are unrecognisable. Courtney: We have a U shaped couch which is also used for our clothing storage at the moment. And then on top as you probably guessed is our bed. Which is on a crank system that usually people use in their garages. We just crank it down at night. We’re going to live like hippies, I didn’t want us smell like hippies. So I really had a nice bathroom situation shower is actually super spacious. It’s actually big enough for me to even like sit down like read a book and take a bath. Originally we had an actual refrigerator and one trip off roading, it detached and laid itself on our couch, and all the groceries were everywhere. So that didn’t last long. We’ve always talked about living full time on the road or just travelling a lot. Trevor: We purchased the vehicle about a year and a half before we actually started working on it. Courtney: Yeah. The build of this truck served an additional purpose for the couple. In simply providing a home for them. Trevor: I wasn’t a very good husband at that time. Turns out I was, quite a bit of an alcoholic. Courtney: While Trevor was going through sobriety, is when he was building the truck. Trevor: As probably as chaotic as it was it was the best possible way to get sober. Because I wasn’t focusing on anything other than burning my hands, busting my knuckles, and getting the thing done. Courtney: It’s a very privileged lifestyle, I tell people that all the time like we are super, super lucky it’s not for the faint of heart, it’s not for everybody and its really not that easy. It’s worth it if it’s something that you want, We love it. Trevor: So how does
it feel to drive? It drives like a Cadillac. Like a big old boat. We’re a slow truck and a fast house. Courtney: I like that. Trevor: And then when we, we did save up for three years, and then we sold everything we had. Courtney: Yeah. Trevor: We quit our jobs, you know, all that kind of stuff. Courtney: It’s a gamble and it’s… I definitely always encourage people like, “Yes, don’t wait till tomorrow” if you’ve got like a dream especially like with your spouse. Definitely do it.