Welcome back to Brain Candy TV! Hey Brainiacs! Let’s learn our numbers from one to twenty as we count these cool stunt-jumping monster trucks! Here’s truck number one. Let’s see if he can smash through all of those boxes! Go number one! Wow that was fun! Good job number one. Let’s do it again! Here’s truck number two! Ready number two?…Go! Great jump, number two! Here’s truck number three. Go number three! Oh no! Number three didn’t go fast enough to make it through the blocks. Let’s give number four a shot. Ready number four? Go! Nice! Number four made it through! Here’s truck number five. Show us what you’ve got number five! Uh oh. Number five didn’t quite make the landing. Ha ha, but it looks like he’s going to do some break dancing for us! Nice moves number five! Here’s truck number six. Go number six! Great jump number six! Next up after six is number seven! Let’s see what you’ve got number seven! Awesome jump, number seven! Let’s give number eight a try! Ready number eight? Go! Whoa, look out! I think you kind of missed the ramp on that one, number eight! Hey, the number eight looks almost the same upside down! Next up is number nine. Go number nine! Phew, that was close! Number nine almost got tripped up on that red block. Here’s truck number ten. Go number ten! Look out here it comes! Uh oh, I think we broke THAT camera! Good jump number ten! The next number after ten is eleven so here we have truck number eleven. Whoops, number eleven didn’t even have enough speed to get over the jump. Better luck next time, eleven. Next we have number twelve. Ready number twelve? Go! Oh no! Looks like number twelve tried to do a back flip but didn’t quite make it. Here’s truck number thirteen. Ready thirteen? Go! Oooh, she made it over the jump but didn’t quite make the landing this time. Good try number thirteen. After thirteen comes number fourteen. But wait a minute; he’s facing the wrong way! He’s not gonna try to go over backwards, is he?! OK, good luck fourteen! Oh, so close! Number fourteen almost made it over backwards! Next up is number fifteen. And it looks like she’s gonna try it backwards too! Do you think she’s gonna make it over? Holy cow, she did it! Wow, nice jump number fifteen! After fifteen comes truck number sixteen. Let’s see what you’ve got, sixteen. He made it! Good job, sixteen. Here’s truck number seventeen. Go seventeen! Whoops, not enough speed this time. Don’t worry; I’m sure you’ll get it next time, number seventeen. Here comes truck number eighteen. Ready? Go! Great jump eighteen! That’s how you do it! Wait, where are you going? Oh, you’re clearing the blocks! Thanks eighteen! Here’s truck number nineteen. Nineteen is an expert at doing tricks. Let’s see what she can do! Wow cool! Nice back flip number nineteen! That was awesome! Whoa, check out number twenty! He’s got some cool red wings and a couple of jet engines! Let’s see how fast number twenty can go! Whoa-ho-ho, I think number twenty has a bit too much power! Hey Brainiacs, wasn’t that fun? We learned all of the numbers from one to twenty! Let’s go over them again… One! Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight… Nine… Ten… Eleven… Twelve… Thirteen… Fourteen… Fifteen… Sixteen… Seventeen… Eighteen… Nineteen… And twenty! Hey parents! If you and your kids have been enjoying our videos, I hope you’ll consider supporting us by
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