What makes this job different from any role in the company is that we are completely mobile. I don’t have a desk, I don’t have any sort of office space outside of my Progressive car. My husband and I both have the same job. We both have our Progressive cars in the driveway every morning. My car is my home away from home. I work out of it 100 percent so I can work wherever I’m needed. What we do is write estimates on damaged vehicles and settle total losses with customers. You have to be able to negotiate and manage a good working relationship with the body shops that you go into on a day to day basis. In those situations, there’s always questions of maybe damage. Is it or is it not related to the accident? Should this part be repaired? Should it be replaced? And all of those decisions in writing the estimate fall 100 percent on us and we have to be able to make that decision, and make it in a timely manner since we have so many customers that we need to see in a day. The most common challenges that I run into daily is working with all different types of personalities, and we have to be able to meet in the middle. Ultimately everyone’s goal is the same- to get the customer’s car fixed and back in their driveway as quickly as possible. Progressive and especially claims is all about customer service, and helping people in the event of a natural disaster or an accident. So that’s definitely the most rewarding part of my position, is that I’m able to help people and get them back on the road. Even if it’s just a minor disruption to them, I want to make it as smooth as possible for them. My first impression of Progressive was how great the training department is. We have a really great training center where they have wrecked vehicles where you go through a couple weeks of training learning to write estimates to our safety standards. They truly do walk you through every step that you’ll need to know in order to succeed at your job. I know one day I will probably go back to a regular desk job, but for right now I absolutely love being in my car all day and the scenery changing around me. My experience has just been wonderful. I’m definitely a lifer at Progressive.