I’m so sorry, I didn’t see you… I’m on the phone with my insurance
company right now. Narration: I like to think of the people
in claims as kind of like super heroes. (Laughter) We come when, like, you need
us. Like when the bad stuff happens. We’re kind of their to, like, rescue you. We set them up for repairs, place them
in a rental… That’s my job, to make them whole again. I think it’s impossible to get bored
in claims… …and that’s just because no two claims
are ever the same. So sometimes you may think you have
something that’s very simple… and then a customer might throw in a
detail that kind of just turns the claim into something that you weren’t expecting. I’d definitely say it takes a very
special kind of person to do the job. This is not for everyone.Just getting around that learning curve
is going to be tough… …because there is so much that goes
into investigating. So the person definitely has to be
determined. I think optimism is definitely important. Sometimes you will deal with upset
customers, you know… …this may be there only vehicle so
their just kind of at wit’s end. So you have to know how to walk the
middle line, being careful not to… …remove the humanity from the position. To be honest, I didn’t think Progressive
was going to be as cool as it turned out
to be. And I didn’t expect it to be as diverse
as it turned out to be. I definitely feel that I can bring my
whole self to work but also… …count on the community of my peers to
understand who I am and embrace it. You receive so much support from everyone. Like, it makes you feel cool. It’s like,
man, I’m a part of this. We’re like a
little family. I can feel that difference that I’m
making almost instantly because it’s like
it’s more than just insurance. It’s just a very inspiring thing to know
that you’re directly making an impact on
someone’s life.