Have you wondered why some adjusters can make six -figures in less than six months while others are struggling simply to break in the adjusting industry Hey, Click the link to my free presentation that reveals: how to bridge the gap from where you are right now to where you want to be as an adjuster. How to get hiring managers to extend your your adjuster contracts to make a ridiculous amount of money How to finally get the high paying adjuster jobs that are not advertised but only a select few know about. After 8 years in the trenches of adjusting I’m sharing the exact steps to get the money, skills, and success of top adjusters even if you are new to adjusting as a bonus for watching the entire presentation, I’m sending you a free copy of my E-Book, 3 Tips to Increase Your Income and Stay Deployed Even if you are a new adjuster a $29 value. You know back in 2011 I was newly married and making enough money to retire my wife from work while she was pregnant with our first child. Suddenly my six-figure career in real estate began to fall apart. I struggled to even cover our monthly bills a friend in college had made $55k in four months as an adjuster and the fourth month he made $30k because he finally figured out what what he was doing. I thought to myself, if I could work part of the year and spend the rest of the year with my family. I would make the change. I decided to take a week off of work in real estate to get my insurance adjuster licensed. I applied at all the firms and quickly found that adjusting companies typically wanted to hire people with experience. Fast forward 8 years later I only work 3 to 5 months a year and still make way more money than I did as a manager of a bank and more money than I did in Real Estate. So I’m sharing this information with you in this webinar because I don’t want you to be frustrated and tired of waiting around to get that adjuster job. You have paid money to get licensed and now you are trying to figure out what to do next. In the webinar it tells you exactly what to do, how to be successful and how to take the next steps. Toward the end of the webinar I talk about how you and I can have a one on one mentor call how we can setup a strategy for your personal success as an insurance adjuster. I talk about the Champion Inner Circle and what you can start doing today to get the results that you want See you on the Webinar. Do not forget to click the link below to take you straight to the webinar to get registered. I will see you on the other side.