Do you see that protection gap in any specific
demographics more than others? Sure no it’s widening as we get into the younger
generation. Yeah. And the reason for that in my opinion is that
the – just the traditional distribution is ageing. Yep. We’re not replacing them very well. Yeah. And so agents tend to sell to people who are
like themselves. So now that the average agent’s fifty-nine-and-a-half,
they’re tending to sell to people fifity-nine-and-a-half. Yeah. They’ve become affluent, they’re selling to
the affluent, and so I think that’s causing the issue. You know, I want to be really careful though. I’m not saying direct-to-consumer’s the answer. Sure. And I think when people hear me talk about
the state of distribution today, they think I am saying the right answer is direct-to-consumer. And I’m not necessarily saying that. I think that that’s – there’s a place for
that, but we won’t close the protection gap direct-to-consumer. Yeah, I mean one of the things you’ve always
got to start with is education. Well… it’s engaging me… it’s engaging
me that I have a need. Yeah. And so I don’t think, to your point, that
I wake up the in morning – wait, today’s the day I need life insurance, let me go online. Yeah. And so for me it’s about engaging people in
new ways. Yeah. So, traditionally I was engaged by an agent
calling me. Yep. And that was either a career agent from a
career carrier who had a call list and just made calls, or from a financial adviser who
realized that I had a protection need. But it wasn’t anything I thought of on my
own. It was definitely a ‘sold’ product. Yeah. For insurance to become a ‘bought’ product,
it’s not going to be waking up, knowing that I need it, it’s going to be engaging me in
new ways. Yeah. And so that’s going to be the key. And the engagement method between generations… Is changing. Which is why I concede your point why a fifty-nine
year old insurance agent wants to sell to their demographic, because they’re comfortable
engaging in a way that they have always done. Yeah, that’s interesting actually.