COMM: Massive vehicles, huge wheel, load engines and lots of mud, this is get intense and dirty
world of Mega Mud Trucks. 00:21
RYAN: The adrenaline rush is like no other, it’s just unbelievable. we have different
events at every event most common is the tyre pull, there is hill and hole advanced where
we jump the trucks all 3 hills at a time, there will also be mud drags in the mud, side
by side mud racing, its better than any drug. 00:45
COMM: An average fan of mega truck events, Ryan Camp from Georgia, USA, felt he could
no longer stay on the side lines and decided to have his own competition standard vehicle
built so he could take part himself. 00:58
RYAN: I had an original truck it was just a 2 wheel drive, low riders, street truck,
auted over in South Carolina, had about a 4 hour drive there and back, brought the truck
to BMF Fab they began the process of starting the chassis. 01:14
COMM: It took a whole year and an an outlay of $80,000 for his Sick 50 Mega Truck to be
finished. 01:22
RYAN: Its a 1950 Chevrolet, a full body truck that is all steal, it has a 540 flow motor,
there is a 1270 BDS street blower that runs on alcohol, its got 2 and a half ton axles,
front and rear, it has 20 inch travel Scotch shots, 13.6, 26 BKT 1.71 they have been cut
in scoops for traction, the rams are powder coated with a metallic finish, its got the
full Roll K 5. harnesses, uh its special seats uh everything about it uh safety is uh number
1 priority. 02:03
COMM: Despite extensive safety figures, Ryan’s wife Brittany still has her concerns. 02:09
BRITTANY: As his wife, I’m always his number 1 fan, when we were at moisture mud park a
couple of weeks ago they aware just out playing around, he’d done a jump and when he landed
uh he landed on uh 2 wheels, and that is probably the most nerve racking thing just knowing
that there is a possibility that they could flip. 02:30
COMM: So far Ryan has taken part in 8 competitions and today he is driving at trucks gone wild
at Bithloan mud racing in Florida, USA. Even before the event has begun, his vehicle is
attracting attention 02:44
MAN: Very unique, one of a kind, beautiful paint, um beautiful truck, nice craftsmanship. 02:51
WOMAN: I think its beautiful I’ve always loved the older model vehicles, when I see one all
jacked up with equipment you don’t see on other vehicles. 03:00
COMM: But it wont stay clean and shiny for long as Ryan prepares for todays event. 03:05
RYAN: We have different events at every event, this one happens to be the tyre pull, the
tie truck challenge, we have a 3 truck team. 03:40
RYAN: 2 seconds off so right now we are in second place so thats a great day overall,
an awesome run, the team mates did great, its was perfect. 03:49
COMM: At the end of the competition isn’t the end of Ryan’s day and his pride and joy. 03:54
RYAN: As soon as I get home, i try to wash it as clean as i can because it comes off
a little bit easier, the washing process can take any where from 3 to 4 hours to get it
cleaned up, this truck will never be for sale, its just something I’ve dreamed of, I have
a year of my life and time and money involved in hanging onto that one and giving it to
my son.