You are thinking about buying car insurance
and you are trying to figure out what is the best company to go and find a quote with.
My name is James with the Resurgence group we are a full service insurance agency and
we specialize in auto insurance. What’s nice about an agent that’s an independent is they
have many carriers and you are not locked in to just one company and they try and pigeon
hole you with that premium. So what I would suggest is speak with an agent an independent
agent that has multiple carriers and can give you multiple quotes and you can figure out
based on your budget, what carrier and what insurance you can afford. When you look at
the different types of premiums in the quotes it’s going to be based on limits and coverages.
You can go with a higher deductible that’s going to lower your premium, also with the
different limits you can kind of tweak that and lower the limits on your bodily injury,
your personal injury protection, your uninsured motorist so it depends on your budget whether
it be monthly or annual, and that will tell you which companies are going to give you
a quote, cause some carriers won’t go down to the lower limits but others will. And you
can make sure that you know you’ve got the right price for the right amount of insurance
with the right carrier. Again I’m James I’m an insurance agent and I hope that that helps
you so just be safe out there and remember sometimes it’s not about price it’s about
having good coverage when you are in an accident and you might want to think about getting
those higher limits because you never know when you need it and that’s the best way to
make sure that you have the proper coverage with the higher limits.