You’ve got a teenager that wants to drive
your car. What are you going to do about insuring that individual? Well there’s different ways,
and the best way is to get that teenager their own policy. You want to do that because of
the exposure and the risk associated with a teenager. It’s one of the highest risk categories
for accidents these days. So if they can afford it, I would suggest getting that child to
pay for their own car insurance, and they will have a lot more respect for the road
when they get the bill. Or, as the parents, you could put them on your policy. A lot of
folks do that, but it’s also very expensive. So if you’re trying to give a little bit of
responsibilty to your child, I strongly suggest that they get a stand alone policy with a
vehicle of their own, and let them pay the bill, other wise you can take out what’s called
an umbrella policy, and that will cover you on top of your limits, so that even if the
child has an accident, at least you’ve got coverage above and beyond the existing limits.
So again, I’m James, I’m an insurance agent, and I’m hoping that I could be of some help
when it comes to making a decision as far as buying that car insurance.