Each year we help thousands of Texans with insurance complaints. Can we help you? My claim was denied, can you help? Yes, we can make sure the company honors the terms of your policy. The other drivers’ insurance company won’t pay because they say I was at fault, but it was their driver who hit me can you make them pay? No, we can’t decide who was at fault in an accident you may need to go to court for that. What if I think the insurance company is taking too long to write a check? Yes, we can help. We can contact the insurance company to make sure that they pay on time. What if I disagree with my insurer about how much of my roof damage was caused by a storm? We can’t resolve a dispute that depends on the question of fact, such as whether specific damage was caused by a storm or it’s just normal wear and tear. What if the insurance company didn’t pay enough? If you have information like a contractor’s estimate, we can work with you and the insurance company to help you get an additional claims payment. If you have an insurance related problem give us a call at 1-800-252-3439