rev up your engines
bugatti became the first car manufacturer to make a car that went
over 300 miles an hour on a volkswagen test track in germany yes it was a
modified version I always need asterisks or the stuff because it’s always
modified things when I went to a Formula One race and they’re trying to tell me
that the gasoline and the oil they used was 99% the same as the stuff you’re
buying your car’s a bunch of nonsense it’s completely different stuff and they
obviously modified this thing you go buy one it’s not gonna go over 300 miles an
hour unless you haven’t modified I mean Bugattis been a company that hey
they’ve always been on a verge of bankruptcy forever it’s one of these
rich man toy things and now they’re on the top who knows
they’ll sell a handful of them now to alter rich people want to go 300 miles
an hour in a car I mean hey you can go 500 miles an hour you want
just get in a commercial plane and fly somewhere now of course you realize the
Bugatti is now owned by Volkswagen they obviously bought them for a feather
in their cap though they can say that oh they make the fastest car in the world
that people can buy because you know Volkswagen also owns Porsche and they
came out with the Porsche super cars that were almost a million bucks apiece
and all the purists laughed and said you can’t sell 1,000 of those cars they
had them all sold before they even had one produced because there’s that many rich
people in the world these days everybody else in the world it’s like rich man’s
toys, sing says what’s more reliable Dodge or Ford, oh ford by a
long stretch Dodge is their quality that’s been going downhill for ages
there was I mean they went bankrupt and then a Canadian holding company took it
off Mercedes everything the smart ones and then they sold the Fiat they’re not
very well made vehicles the Fords are actually better made than they were a
decade or two ago they’ve increased their quality so it’s a no-brainer the
Fords are much better not specially the trucks you want to get a big truck get a
Ford truck come buy a Dodge truck too, sure it says 2010 Dodge Challenger is it a
good buy well I’m not a dodge fan by any stretch of the imagination but their
values dropped like a stone so if it was in good shape you could get
a good price on one the only problem is people buy those
thing with the big v8 engine they buy them for a reason to drive like maniacs so
they might have run that thing as they used to say about horses they rode them
hard and put them up wet it could be on its last legs if you gonna buy one of
those pay a guy like me to check it out before you buy it
he might say don’t even touch it it’s falling apart but if he says it’s in
decent shape and you get a better price on it go right ahead
they can be fun just realize you got to get it checked out by a really good
mechanic cuz guys generally rag the heck out of those things Justin says 1969 Mercedes
280 s 14,000 miles good buy or
good buy or good bye I don’t like Mercedes that’s an old Mercedes and
those things were built like tanks those things were strong vehicles
now I don’t know how they’re gonna prove it’s only got 14,000 miles on it but if
it really only is 14,000 miles and it runs and shifts good what the heck they
were built like tanks and if it’s really 14,000 miles nothing’s gonna be worn out
yet but it’s so old it’s in the sixties now on one hand Mercedes makes parts for
all their cars so you can always get parts for them they’re gonna be some
relatively expensive but that old a lot of the
rubber is gonna crack leak fluids it can be a real pain in the butt but if it’s really
got 14,000 miles and they can prove it and it’s
cheap enough it can be a fun weekend toy don’t buy that thing and think it’s
gonna be an everyday driver that isn’t it happen, Hunter Sutherland says my oil
pressure like turns out when I brake on my 2004 Honda civic, check your oil if
you’re low on oil it’s gonna slosh around and it’s is gonna drop if it’s not change
the oil pressure sending unit there real easy and keep doing that car you can go
to like autozone that would sell you the unit probably cost you 15 bucks
or something they can show you where it is and if you don’t have the tool that
fits they can sell you a little socket and change it pray that fixes it because
it doesn’t fix it and you’re full of oil it means that you got an internal
problem the oil pumps wearing out or your engines worn the bearings are worn
and the pressure gets low when you stop and the engine starts idling long but a
lot of times it’s just the oil pressure sending unit or you’re low on oil
Maryellen says what are your thoughts about mobile mechanic services like
wrench I learned to fix cars at a corner Texaco
gas station my grandfather was a master mechanic my father ran the station
I started my own business years later and Houston I started as a mobile
mechanic with just me and I went around fix people’s cars but after I like ten
years I had to stop doing mobile stuff because the cars are getting so
complicated I would have to have so much equipment to carry with me like if your
air conditioning system you’d have to have a recycling system that you’d have
to carry with you because you can’t make the refrigerant vent to the atmosphere
so it was a pain and I stopped doing it, if guy’s gonna do brake jobs things
like that yeah but it’s very hard to get really full-service stuff on the road
anymore so I’m kind of leery about him today cuz there’s so many things you
can’t have the equipment for I mean I got a lot of stuff here that runs on 120
240 volts anybody if they really had a big giant truck like a big van and had
all the tools in them they’re asking for cuz anytime they park it somewhere
people are gonna break in and steal all their tools here I got burgle arms
cameras and guns so I don’t have to worry about people ripping me off but if
I was driving a big truck with a lot of equipment on it I have to worry about
that so not to have any really good guys are gonna put all their money and then
do mobile stuff these days, so if you never want to miss another one of my
new car repair videos, remember to ring that bell