Hey everyone, what’s up? Welcome to Wibmer´s Law! Let’s go You wouldn’t believe the things that happened over the past year! We finished filming for Wibmer´s Law I got to say, this has to be one of the biggest projects of me yet – right after Fabiolous Escape 2 It was super refreshing to film a video part which really pushed my limits again We’ve been filming for almost a year now – simply awesome! Just a few words about the story behind the film probably everyone knows these kind of every day situations people are stressed out and super busy everything just happens in a rush and just needs to happen even faster Now the whole idea behind this project was to pick up situations like these and use them as my very own playground and then to finally escape from the stressful city towards the beautiful countryside to finally relax! Let´s go! Behind the scenes – let’s get it started: Soo, Johannes, what are you up to? I have no idea Good question! Then let’s just ask Fabio So it kind of seems like nobody really knows what he’s supposed to do now except him we just arrived at the first spot now! You’ve probably already watched the video I really hope it´s an ultimate banger! but I´m quite positive right now to pull off the first chill clip and get it on camera and yeah – then we’ll see where our journey is going! Let’s go! Business man check Fabio check I would say it´s about time to get the first scenes started! as soon as he jumps up – you can go well that wasn’t too bad It´s one of those tricks that could work out on the second try, or on the 150th try, or even 5000th try That was a really good one! Yeah because this time I tried (laughs) Ok Johannes It´s still saving What do you mean it´s still saving?! Yeah it´s still saving Dude if the camera dies now, that’s no joke! Yes, can’t be played Damn it.. Not gonna lie, from about 200 takes, probably more, one just worked after 3 hours But it didn’t record because the camera had a failure Soo, day two! Now we´re back again at the same spot let’s try and hope we make it happen within 5 tries. Fabio´s ready already Here – refuel! Thanks! Yeah it´s just the same story as yesterday, this just takes its time We´re at try number 24 now Oh really? Yeah It´s starting to peel off the skin of my hands after that many tries We´ll take that one! 100% Yeah that’s the one! I like it! Yeah Well done! On to the next spot! So, Fabio what’s the plan? The plan? (laughs) Hey guys! In case you’ve seen this video by now well I hope it´s a sick one again and I hope a part of this bridge will make it in the video in the first place. yeah hopefully it’ll be in! because I believe that this is going to be a real banger! see there’s already a truck going through the plan is to ride up one of these ridges to then drop off on to a truck So there’s the truck! The plan is to ride over the top of the bridge First I´m going to ride on the intermediate and then jump down on the truck and that’s pretty much it! Guys this is pretty incredible! I mean look at this! It´s sketchy up there I got to say we changed the plan a tiny bit I probably won’t ride all the on the intermediate instead I´m going to drop in from the edge of the ridge What do you think about the height? How much is it? 2,5 meter? It should be around 2-3 meters yeah Fabio i don´t want to rush, but.. uhm yeah we´re about to start Fabio will be heading up in a minute and then we´re ready to go I will give you a signal You have to go now Send it! Let’s go! Fabio on position Truck is ready to go Let´s f*** go! Allright the truck is rolling Ready?! Let’s go! Thanks a lot! What a tense situation crazy how fast everything went down now So sick!! Welcome back guys Welcome to the ultimate piano scene the plan is to drop a piano like you can often see in movies I thought that would be a good fit for the story because it kind of reflects the context of the video and that’s why we are here now! Of course we needed a piano for this scene and yesterday evening..quite spontaneously, we looked for a piano and now we have one here Let’s take a closer look Hey it still works The tune is not quite right anymore (laughs) I somehow feel sorry for the piano but it had a good and long life and I guess it´s ready for its final play Let’s get it! This should hold on I guess Well we got the piano in the air already it seems like everything is working out great now we are going to set things up and get this rolling Well now it´s flying! And action! So that’s it for the piano This whole thing tests my limit quite a bit I guess My arm got plastered That’s way steeper than it looked on the photos and videos that’s actually perfect! Let´s do it, commit and send it!!