There’s roughly 9 to 10 million people in America that have PTSD. And there’s many, many millions of them that are severe, chronic,
treatment-resistant PTSD. And what that means is that
there are a lot of people that have posttraumatic stress disorder for whom the currently
available medications and psychotherapies don’t work. (gentle soothing music) – I think the world, in
general, is overwhelmed and our available treatment
options are limited and can only reach so many people. And I think psychedelics hold a promise for bringing a lot more healing to larger numbers of people. MDMA-assisted psychotherapy is unique among trauma treatments, in that it allows the participants, or the patients to access their traumas in a way that they aren’t overwhelmed by their past experiences. They can address their
fear around their trauma. – I started MAPS in 1986 as a non-profit psychedelic
pharmaceutical company with the goal of taking MDMA through the regulatory system to make it into a prescription medicine. Now we’re at this point where, 32 years after MAPS was started, we’re about to start Phase 3. And Phase 3 is the
final stage of research to make a drug into a medicine, to prove safety and efficacy. (light piano music) – We completed six Phase 2 clinical trials. We see over time that symptoms improve after MDMA-assisted psychotherapy immediately after a few treatments, but then when we follow up 12 months later, we see that even a greater number of participants no longer meet criteria for PTSD. (light piano music) – In August of 2017, we got Breakthrough Therapy
designation from the FDA for the most promising drugs and then since that point
we’ve been doing fundraising and training of more therapists. We anticipate by 2021, that MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for PTSD will be available legally by prescription. – What I learned from my
experience in the MDMA training study as a participant, is that people with PTSD, and people who don’t have
PTSD, aren’t that different. In the right conditions, the psyche moves towards wholeness. The psyche moves towards healing. Basically what we want
to do is to mainstream psychedelic medicine
and make that available to people who have a wide range of clinical indications,
and with your help, together, we can do it. (gentle soothing music)