5G connectivity would change a lot for us It would definitely impact our response times and our safety and overall patient care 5G will help us save time which in the end will help us save lives With 5G pretty much everything can be connected including ambulances the types of connections we do have in the ambulance currently are just lights and sirens Imagine if we can communicate to streetlights and crosswalks even other vehicles 5G can help clear the pathway for emergency response Delivery information to a hospital is one of the most important aspects of our job. With 5G connection the ability to scan a patient and have a real-time conversation with the physician or even the ability to transmit x-rays even more triage could happen in ambulances before we arrive. Augmented reality would definitely make a difference into our first responders situations. A monitor can communicate a lot of information to an EMT wearing connected glasses. A patient’s medical history, medications, allergies, Blood pressure, heart rate. Augmented reality would be a key tool for first responders I think in the near future 5G connected drones will play a huge part in emergency response With 5G there won’t be any lag time with what the drone sees to what the drone operator sees So a medical journal writer is able to send life-saving medications with the drone to a patient beyond line of sight For example, an AED for someone having a heart attack or an EpiPen for someone who’s having a severe allergic reaction imagine if we were able to help a hiker who’s stranded and we can’t get the ambulance to them With 5G connected drones we would be able to locate disaster areas, locate victims or even bring them water In a life-and-death situation just a few seconds changes everything. I definitely think 5G would be a game changer for first responders