I just got my car repaired and this cost
me a lot of money Hi! Welcome back to my channel This is
Hailey Phan, I’m a real estate agent here in Washington In this video, I want to share
with you, I got a lot of quotes, estimates from different auto body shops. Look! How
many shops did I shop I think I around 10 shops. Either online or go straight to
the shop to get an estimate and I got so surprised that the price just this much
different and I just don’t get it why people don’t shop for quotes, estimates
and compare. If you get a better quote you go to different stores, different body
shops, you will have a lot of knowledge what costs you and what shouldn’t cost
you that much and what else can you do to reduce the amount you pay for to fix
your car. My insurance plan right now we pay both me and my husband for two
cars a year, cost around 1300. So pretty decent, pretty good rates for both of us
for good cars like Lexus and Toyota and we have deductible pretty high $2500 if anything happened with the car we have to pay our pocket 2500 and
the rest will be covered by insurance It doesn’t make sense for us to pay a
lot for insurance. Because accident we can control we can control and drive
safer to save a lot of money so and have the money to invest somewhere else.
Because of our deductible 2500, to me it pretty doesn’t make sense for me to pay
that much for insurance and this will be on the record for a few years until they waive it and insurance will increase for the next year so I don’t want to claim
insurance. It depends on the circumstances that plan applied for me but not apply for somebody else. It’s not accidents, it’s collisions. It’s not like
that just I just hit a rock And it damaged the door so I had to pay for my stupid mistakes when I was driving around the
neighborhood to see what happened around neighborhood and see what listings
popping up on the neighborhood and this here you go After it happened I went on
Yelp to ask for quotes and estimates for the fixing everything and some some
shops are responsive and some not. I’ve got my first estimate about 1,600 that
before tax and I was like okay it’s pretty high for that damage
I expect to be cheaper and then I say okay I will keep that business in mind
and then I will keep looking around to see if I can get lower rate and then he
sent me an email for details estimate It’s about $1,648.90 plus 10.4% tax. I don’t know what’s 10.4% tax here in in
Seattle is 10% not 10.4% I don’t know why he charged me 10.4%
tax and the total is $1820.39 What they do it they put a camp
or something, they don’t have an actual shop so they’re flexible I don’t trust
them to put my car for them to fix and what happened I can’t go to their office
to claim that later it’s so it’s not good to do with that and then I went to
another shop it’s cost me $2145.54 if I let him fix the door and not replace the whole door. If I replace the whole door it’s gonna cost me 800 to 900 more if they ordered the
frame the door and then they just slap it it they don’t have to pull the dent
out and repaint it. They just need to order the new door and it’s cost me
2,800 before tax so it’s about $3000 something. I went to next shop
and I got a quote for $3302.27 it’s basically it’s keep
going up and up and up and up and I went to the next shop that Lexus recommend me to
to go there and what they say they will replace the whole door they’re not gonna
fix that they were replaced and order the new moldings and new frame the the
white the white thing It’s $4573.43, I was like NOPE That’s just a small damage and how can this cost me almost $5000 for that and they will keep my car for two weeks.
As a real estate agent, I cannot put my car for too long to the shop. Over three
thousand I definitely have to claim insurance or them to pay for the
difference and you know when you were through insurance it take around one
month or two weeks the fastest. I was thinking if people don’t shop around
don’t ask for estimates and don’t compare the estimates, they just go to
whatever body shop that they see and got charged a huge amount of money. To me if I can shop anywhere lower than 2500 I definitely go there and not gonna claim insurance Finally I found a good one a body shop
and he told me that if I pay by credit card he would not charge 4%. If I can pay him cash or check, he will take $1800. And if I want to
receipt for my tax, for my tax purposes I will have to pay ten percent which is
okay and the total cost for me with that body shop is original price they want $1800 and 10% tax which is I will pay in 1980 dollars for
that body shop, after three days I will get my car back to the original one.
Pretty good amount of time, a good price because I went online I research the
price for the moldings on the bottom it costs about six to seven hundred. So
basically, he charged for the labor cost paint, supplies, and everything, I think he makes around 1000 for labor cost. I think the reason why I can negotiate that low Because I’m a real estate agent. I will go up to the body shop and I talked to the owner I told them that if he can do a good job for my
car and make it so beautiful as original and I can refer him I work with a lot of
clients in that area and car accidents happens all the time
and if he do good job for my car I will refer him and if he have clients come to
the shop and looking for houses, feel free to refer me that’s how we do
business. Referrals is everything And for you guys out there for the good price, you should shop a lot and choose a good one. If anything fixable, fix it don’t
replace all of it. If the bumper can fix, fixed it. if it cannot be fixed, it’s
become trash, trash it and order the new one. But to me the original parts of your
car is still better than you’ve replace with something else. If you don’t shop and you don’t research about that, you just loose money. To me,
if I don’t shop for 1800 I think I’m gonna pay 4500 for the car The rate for labor cost is different. So in my area, it’s range about $45-$65/ hour If with this easy job with the damage so small and easy, you should go to with the
cheaper one. But some works need a lot of technique and high-quality workers you
should go with the higher price one and make sure you don’t get overcharged and
don’t get ripped up by repair shops, okay and last but not least, to save much
money , don’t crash your car or damage your car Just save money by that way, just
drive safe. That’s what my husband told me Drive safe is the most important and
save a lot of money. Thank you for watching And don’t forget to
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