(bright music) – Aviva is this young 321, maybe
22 year old global insurer. We’re in 16 countries around the world, have over 36 million
customers, 33,000 employees. Our priorities are really quite simple. We want to delight our customers so they stay longer with
us, they recommend us to more of their friends, they
buy more of our propositions that add value to them and their lives. – If you look at Aviva’s
IT it’s really quite a complicated landscape. So, we think about leaving
great IT to the front-line staff and to Aviva’s customers
is about how do we tackle that complexity and
actually make it much simpler. – So I’ve worked with Appian
for the last three years and I talk about how they’ve
revolutionized my operation. We’re on a journey to create
an Intelligent Contact Center and when I talk about
Intelligent Contact Center it’s about giving the data in the hands of the people
who serve our customers and being able to serve those customers in the way that they want to be served. – ‘Cause our people want to
do great things for customers. What they want is us to invest
in them through technology so their lives are easier so they can do a better job for our customers. – If you’re a customer and you call us our Front-Line Advisor
launches a screen in Appian built along a customer
record that surfaces every policy that they have with Aviva. Previously they might have up to 12 to 22 systems that they had
to navigate on a daily basis. That’s down to one which is Appian. The obvious impact onto our customer is we get to them quicker. So if you look at some of our processes, we’re nine times quicker of
how we serve our customer. In terms of Appian applications we’ve got the Customer Management System that sits above all of our Front-Line News but underneath that we’ve
enabled a number of processes so you could say applications. And across the UK we’ve
enabled 32 applications. – ‘Cause when we talk about automation at Aviva we do two things. The first thing we are using Appian, we’re also using Robotic
Process Automation. – The way that we’ve connected
the robots with Appian, with people, it’s just where
does that process sit the best? So, if it’s repeatable
and it’s over and over, a robot can do that. A person, I want my people to
be talking to our customers. – The people who have
experienced the technology and, in particular, Appian just love it. I’ve heard people who’ve
gone from experiencing it and then they’ve moved to
another area that haven’t got it and they’ve felt like
they’ve gone backwards years. So this is kind of this
tidal wave of expectation is rippling through the business.