You are thinking about buying car insurance
and you are wondering what types of auto insurance there are. My name is James from The Resurgence
Group. We are a full service agency and we specialize in auto insurance so my suggestion
is to sit down with an agent and discuss what it is that you are looking for when you want
to cover your car or a car that you are thinking about buying. There are many types of auto
insurance and it is going to come down to how much money you are willing to spend each
month or year and figure out the budget. When you are looking at the least costly insurance
that is called PIP and PD which is personal injury protection and property damage. Those
are the least amount of insurance that you can get in order to get your tags at the motor
vehicle department. After that then you look at other policy limits such as bodily injury,
uninsured motorists, comp and collision. If you have a loan or you have a vehicle of any
value, chances are you are going to want to have comp and collision. That’s if something
were to happen to the vehicle whether you are in an accident or not, you would pay your
deductible anywhere from $250 up to $5,000 and then your company or carrier that is insuring
the car would pay the difference. This is highly recommended on some of the newer vehicles
because they are very expensive and you don’t want to have an accident and find out that
you don’t have coverage. So speak with your agent. They’ll go over the different types
of auto insurance that will be available and then they will also be able to spread sheet
multiple quotes and give you an idea of how much it is going to cost you each month or
each year and then you can decide based on your budget how much you can afford each year.
My name is James with The Resurgence Group. This is something that we do for our clients
every day and I am sure that you can find an agent that is willing to sit down with
you and spread sheet a couple of different carriers, give you a couple of options when
it comes to the different types of auto insurance that you are looking for and more importantly
the type of insurance that you can afford.