Hello! I’m Ed Chevy and I’m here to present ASL Car Talk. I’m here to help you understand your car more better. Among other things. Today, I’ll be talking about vehicle insurance! Car insurance as a thing started in the 1960s. You used to not need insurance, but now more and more people have insurance because people with cars tend to get into accidents. Now the insurance companies charge more and have a longer list of things they cover. Looks like a lot, huh? But… most importantly… do you see the stars? Those are the most important items. Lenders will look and make sure you have full coverage. First… Bodily Injury Liability what does that mean? Bodily Injury Liability is when they cover a situation where you’re the driver and you hit another person. If that person gets hurt your car insurance will cover the bills for the person who got hurt. Property Damage… is when you’re driving and you hit a person’s home maybe the front porch or the mailbox or the yard. Your insurance would cover that. Uninsured… which means if a car hit you and they leave, which would be a hit-and-run and they might not have any insurance your insurance company would help cover that while you try to find the other motorist and get their information for insurance purposes. Sometimes that person might have no insurance so it’s best to have Uninsured coverage as a back-up. Underinsured… which means if a car crashes into you and they have insurance but it’s not enough to pay your bills. Maybe they bought a limited policy. Fortunately, the Underinsured coverage policy will help cover those bills. Comprehensive coverage means that everything is covered. Car accidents and so on are covered. Everything’s paid for. That’s comprehensive coverage. Collision suppose you hit, maybe, a telephone pole or maybe a tree or maybe a fire hydrant. Not someone’s personal property but other types of property. The insurance company would cover that. That’s collision coverage. Merit Discounts… they’re almost like a reward. If you’re a good driver for a long time and you have a safe car with all kinds of safety features such as seatbelts, airbags or any other special safety enhancements and also if you’re old enough you’ll get about a ten percent discount. Multi-Car Policies… it refers to you having more than one car, perhaps two or three different cars under the policy. Sometimes when you buy an insurance policy and you have two or three cars they would be maybe $600 each for six months that would be $1,200 in total, whew but the car insurance company will give you a discount maybe another 10 percent off so then you’d have two cars insured for $900. The more cars you have, the greater the discount. Surcharges… that means if you you tend to run red lights, get into accidents or get speeding tickets the insurance company would increase your policy cost for a period of time, 3 years maybe and after that they would remove the additional charges. I want to give you some tips now… If you’re shopping for car insurance don’t just look at one company look at two or three and get quotes from them and compare the prices. If you want to buy a policy for $100,000 maybe $300,000 or maybe $50,000 $10,000 it depends on what you’re buying. If you have a car that’s ten years old you could remove Collision coverage and Comprehensive coverage could be removed too which would lower your policy bill. Some people remove Uninsured and Underinsured and that can be a regrettable decision. If you’re hit by somebody else and they can’t pay so you’re stuck with the whole bill. I highly suggest having four different kinds of car insurance coverage: Bodily Injury Property Damage Uninsured and Underinsured. It’s your responsibility to get the correct amount of insurance coverage. Ok, see you next week! We will talk about… Car Trouble!