[Matthias] So, we’re
heading over to Andy’s. He built this homemade truck
that I did a video of. And he’s finished it so let’s
do another video of that. So what makes the…
What’s up with that? [Andy] Well, the drive cylinder
there. [Matthias] Uh huh. [Andy] And the pressure
for that cylinder. Hydraulic pump. This is a
Princess Auto hydraulic pump. Controlled
by this… wrench. [Matthias]
So this is made for building your
own dump truck? [Andy] Basically.
Meant for building your own
[Matthias] Yeah? [Andy] dump truck
or wood splitter And I use this for
hauling my firewood and just work around the farm.
[Matthias] Uh huh [Andy] Truck basically is
build from a home made frame. [Matthias] Uh huh. [Andy]
To Toyota back axle. Toyota front axle.
[Matthias] OK. [Andy] So we’ve got a Volkswagen
engine and transmission from a ’85 Jetta. And
this would normally mount transversely
in the car. We’ve re-mounted
it longitudinally. And connected our
drive shafts through a home made
drive shaft through the output of the
transmission to the Toyota differential,
front and back. The differential
in the Volkswagen transmission, of
course, has been locked so that it runs both the
front and the rear drive shaft equally. There’s no differential
between them anymore. [Matthias] So if 1 wheel slips
it doesn’t/// [Andy] Exactly. If that wasn’t an
open differential, of course, it
would spin either, either/or the front
axle or the back axle. This is our shifter
arrangement here. But it does the job
quite effectively. [Matthias] You didn’t
have any shifter cables you could
use for that? [Andy] This is a Lincoln
shifted transmission, here. Really, linkage presented
itself the best. If I found a newer transmission,
they are a cable-shifted one, that would probably be a
benefit for the next build. Two things that I’d like
to find for the next one. a slightly older
Toyota truck, so that it has a solid
axle, front and back. And a slightly newer Volkswagen
transmission so that it has cable shifters. Should make
that set-up a lot nicer. [Matthias] I guess you just
kind of use what you got. [Andy] Use what you got.
Exactly. The covers are removed
here to show the motor. This is actually a turbo
diesel Volkswagen. I started it out with just
a connectional diesel. Non-turbo diesel. And found it
just a little bit underpowered for a lot of what
I was doing. So I went to a
turbo diesel. This is the Toyota rad and
that works very effectively. I have an electric fan
in front of the rad. Now this is my shifter
arrangement through here the rods from it run
just beside the rad. About as close as I could
get it to the rad. Obviously it would be better
to have the shifter over a bit but with the linkage
style arrangement that’s the best I could do.
It’s not something that you’re shifting
continually. Basically you’ll
pick a gear do what you’re doing and
stick with that gear. So… It’s not actually as
inconvenient as it appears. These switches for the wipers,
the light on the roof. [Matthias] Oh, it’s
got wipers too. Cool [Andy] This
type of thing. [Matthias] And you
have a windshield now. [Andy] Yes, it’s
actually quite enclosed. and in the winter time
for plowing snow, I actually have a
heater as well. [Matthias] Wow, all the creature
comforts. [Andy] Exactly. [Matthias] AC?
[Andy] That’s a no. Doors being open,
that’s the AC. Not just a heater but
also a defroster, so quite convenient. [Matthias]
And with these doors you can operate it with the
doors open quite well too, eh? [Andy] Of course, yeah.
Summertime the doors are
mostly open. [Matthias] That’s
pretty cool, yeah. [Andy] Set-up on a hatchback
lift cylinder here which keeps it all the way
open or all the way closed. that’s the way this
pivot point works. [Matthias] And you
flip a full 180. And you got the
nice seats, too. [Andy] Exactly.
Ford van seats. Hidden behind that one
is my coolant reservoir. And behind this one is my
power steering reservoir. [Matthias] Let’s take it
for a spin. [Andy] OK. Yeah, it was the
only way I could do it to get the
passenger seats. [Matthias] Oh
yeah, yeah. Pretty bumpy. [Andy] Yeah,
it’s a little rough. Case like this you gotta
want seat belts but… that’s a future thing.
[Matthias] I couldn’t find them. [Andy] That’s a
future installation. Very handy
farm vehicle. [Matthias] Oh yeah. [Andy] I use
it for a lot of wood hauling, hay hauling, this sort of
thing around the farm. [Matthias] How much
load can you put on it? [Andy] I’ve had a ton on it.
[Matthias] Oh wow. [Andy] It’ll dump
that, no trouble. And it’s been in some
pretty poor terrain also. [Matthias] So we’re driving
pretty slow right now. which gear are we in?
[Andy] This is first gear. [Matthias] OK.
[Andy] Try second. [Matthias] Ah, even bumpier.
[Andy] Yeah. That’s unbelievable. Why would
so many people want to see that? [Matthias] Oh I don’t know,
nothing better to do? [Andy] I suppose. The
same reason I built this. Boredom is a
terrible thing. [Matthias] Oh I don’t know, if
you build cool trucks like that. [Andy] Well… [Matthias]
Beats video games. [Andy] That’s true. A person needs some
kind of entertainment. Finally get some rain I could
show you a bit better mud scene. [Matthias] Oh yeah,
we got no mud. [Andy] No mud
around right now. Best we can do. [Matthias] At least we’re not
getting dirty. [Andy] That’s true. Shall we plow? [Matthias]
We got some snow? [Andy] Not much. Start plowing some dirt.
[Matthias] I’d be up for that. It’s a good thing it’s got those
springs when it get’s caught up. [Andy] Yeah, it kind
of trips it back. [Matthias] It’s really just
meant for snow, isn’t it? [Andy] Doesn’t
really take much to trip it. [Matthias]
Yeah, yeah.