When I’m on the phone with a customer, I come
across being very confident in my belief in Amica, knowing that we’re the best insurance
company in the business. It can be to the customer that,
we’re gonna keep that promise in the end, in the event of a claim. And I try to explain coverages in a way
they can understand and if I hear in their voice that they’re
not understanding, I’ll just say does that make sense to you? And then I’ll give them examples. And they appreciate that I’m taking the time to listen to them and be patient and help them to buy what they
need. And I know I’m helping them by letting them be insured with Amica. Once we get the assignment from the office, we want to get out to look at the
car as quickly as we possibly can. We want to minimize any inconvenience to the
customer, trying to get them back to where they were before the accident, so they can put it
behind them. The goal of policy center is to, carve our way into the future. We want to
make a name, as a company, that defines technology. That defines new pathways. I’m very very
proud, of the team and of the efforts. And
overall, very proud of the vision of Amica. At Amica life, we provide the customer with a chance to secure a product that
if they unexpectedly should pass away, their family is protected and they don’t
have to worry. We have the answers for them. We’re able to
educate them about our products. We listen to them. They know that when
they’re calling in, we genuinely care about them. When you’re handling claims, you’re working with insures who, for
the most part, have never been through an experience like that before. It doesn’t matter what
the loss type is. These are a new experience for everyone
and it’s extremely emotional for them and for us. A loss isn’t just something
that happens to this structure that they live in, this
house that they live in. It’s happening to their home, where there’s
memories and stories and feelings all created within it. So I always like
to make sure that, I express that to our insures. That I
understand, What they’re experiencing and what
they’re going through and I, as well as the company, are there to help them out. By being caring, patient always keeping my word, always keeping my promise. Amica is that company that provides that peace of mind for that
customer. it’s not about the system that deploys. It’s about the people behind the scenes. We make Amica a better place.