Hello Everyone This is Mohammed Imran And in this video get to know the six reason for buying for your car Take a look at this video After purchasing a new car buyers tends to believe that there is no requirement of Road side Assistance However the reality is that many breakdown are caused by bad-luck,human error but not by mechanical faults Here are six reasons that you may still need to have roadside assistance even if you have a brand new car. Flat tyres Although it’s not hard to change a tyre when you know how, they often occur in dangerous places at inconvenient times, like in heavy traffic or on uneven surfaces Having access to roadside assistance coverage will save you a lot of time and stress and save you a potential dry cleaner bill. 2. Running out of fuel Whether it’s on a remote country road, a busy highway or around the corner from your house, hearing the sound as the engine runs dry is the stuff of nightmares.!! With RSA coverage you have peace of mind and fuel for your car will be on your way. 3. Misfuelling Whether a result of being new to a vehicle or simply being distracted while filling up, one in ten owners have filled up with the wrong fuel (ouch). It’s a surprisingly common mistake that’s more likely to affect drivers of new cars. Knowing what to do can save you thousands rupees As a general rule, regardless of your vehicle’s fuel type, don’t start the ignition if you realise you’ve filled up with the wrong fuel Instead contact the RSA company and the get . best possible help from them 4. Accidental lock outs This human error makes up around 10% of all call outs for roadside assistance and affects old and new cars Accidental lockouts usually happen when you’re in a rush and if children or pets are involved they can be extremely stressful. Road Assist covers all this thing. and it can provide assistance towards getting your car unlocked and also provide lock-smith facility. They usually occur in inappropriate locations at inconvenient times.Although most new cars these days include technology which helps prevent car batteries running down, they can still go dead for reasons that are unrelated to age, including lights left on or car music player playing ON when parked. So getting a RSA will help you to diagnose and fix the issue and you can get a battery replaced with them And the six one is technical support you call them anytime and get technical queries related to your car resolved Well those were six things you should consider for buying a RSA program for having peace of mind in terms of driving a car,So this end my video please do like and comment Thank you for watching